Although many brides think that music for weddings boils down to a choice between a band and a DJ, this couldn’t be further from the truth! We’ve spotted some great, quirky music ideas in our real weddings – here are a few to get you thinking!

Pick a piper

If either you or your h2b have Scottish heritage, then why not consider a traditional bagpiper to serenade you on your big day? This is a particularly great option for your recessional music, or to signal your arrival at the ceremony venue. If either of you have Irish blood, then bagpipes or even traditional Uilleann pipes would also be a fantastic choice – they’re guaranteed to get your guests feeling the Celtic spirit!

Drums of steel

On the other side of the globe, you’ve got amazing steel drum bands – this type of music will instantly give your reception a tropical feel, so it’s a great choice for brides marrying on the beachfront, either in the UK or abroad. Why not go the whole hog and have a limbo at your reception? After a few drinks, your guests will relish the silliness of the challenge, and it’s sure to provide some excellent photo opportunities!

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Set the record

This is one idea we love for vintage-inspired weddings – you can now hire vintage record players and gramophones for a genuine vintage experience at your reception! This old-school music option suits weddings from many decades, including 1920s Gatsby-inspired themes and retro 1940s and 50s themes. It’s a little touch that will make a huge difference to the sound of your music, and it looks a lot more authentic than wartime classics blaring from an iPod dock!

A romantic Renaissance

Going even further back in time, there are loads of options if you and your h2b are planning a Medieval or Renaissance-themed wedding day. Lutes (like the one pictured above) are a brilliant alternative to a classic guitar, especially if the player arrives in costume! Harps and flutes will also sound excellent, so don’t be afraid to make some requests. Why not take a look at our Game of Thrones wedding theme for inspiration?

The cutest choir

Live choirs are guaranteed to get the hairs on the back of your neck standing up, particularly at a church wedding. Instead of an adult choir though, why not ask your local school choir to step in? This is an extra-sweet choice if you and your new husband met at school as children, or if you’re marrying near or at your old school. Plus it’ll make for adorable photographs!

Not convinced? Take a look at the end of Tom Fletcher’s famous wedding speech/song to his new wife Giovanna. She’s serenaded by the Sylvia Young Theatre School choir, which is particularly apt as that’s where Tom and Giovanna met aged 13 – so cute!

Do it yourself

A lot of brides would shy away from the idea of performing at their own wedding, but all you need is a reasonable voice and a lot of confidence! If your groom has always loved the sound of your singing, then imagine how much it would mean to him to have you serenade him with a love song on your special day.

If the thought of going it alone scares you, then why not consider having karaoke at the reception and getting the whole family to join in? It’s a fun and unique idea that’s sure to get your guests giggling.

A musical speech

This is one for the men! If your groom, best man or dad is dreading giving his speech, why doesn’t he think about making a hilarious music video instead? This real groom made a Westlife-style parody proclaiming his love for his bride that had everyone in tears of laughter.

If you want to create a wedding video with a twist, why not get all your guests involved and create a music video? We love Marryokes for a brilliant take on the traditional wedding film – you and all your guests mime along to a track of your choice throughout the day, leaving you with your very own music video after the day is over!

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