Ever wanted the ideal movie wedding? Like that of Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City (with the groom actually turning up) or maybe you want the ideal wedding location abroad taking inspiration from Mamma Mia!?

Well, British design blog, Kaleidoscope, has worked with wedding planner Bernadette Chapman from Dream Occasions, dress designer Joyce Young from Joyce Young Collections, and cake designer Jeanette Moorhouse from Booootiful Cakes, to work out exactly what those iconic weddings in film would actually cost in real life.

Mamma Mia!

mamma mia wedding

Mamma Mia follows bride-to-be Sophie as she tries to discover the identity of her father, inviting three potential candidates to her wedding.

Set to the music of ABBA, this family favourite is guaranteed to turn even the most casual viewer into a dancing queen.

Sophie’s small, boho-style ceremony takes place at the family hotel, which helped keep the costs down.

As silver-screen weddings go, this one was very modest, with a total estimated cost of £4,905.


bridesmaids movie wedding

With a hilarious cast, Bridesmaids follows the run-up to Lillian’s wedding, as her maid of honor and one of her bridesmaids compete to prove who is the better friend.

The total bill for this day comes in at £98,086, thanks to the ceremony being held at the LA Arboretum, a pricey performance from Wilson Phillips and Lillian’s Ellie Saab-inspired gown.

Sex and the City

sex and the city movie wedding

It was the moment fans had all been waiting for – finally getting to watch Carrie and Big tie the knot.

However, things don’t go quite as planned. Even if you run out on a wedding, you don’t get your money back.

The initial ceremony was held at The New York Public Library, which would cost a whopping £38,000.

Carrie’s custom Vivienne Westwood gown would set you back around £18,000, but she was gifted this following a magazine shoot.

The total cost of Carrie’s wedding in Sex and the City would set you back £55,660 in total.

American Wedding

american wedding movie wedding ceremony cost in real life

The build-up to Jim and Michelle’s big day is filled with drama, from an unfortunate haircut and destroyed flowers to dance-offs and a bachelor party gone wrong.

Luckily, with Stifler to the rescue, the actual ceremony goes off without a hitch.

The happy couple eventually tie the knot at The Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay, one of the most lavish venues on our list, which costs a staggering £63,000.

The total cost of the wedding IRL? £76,778.

My Best Friend’s Wedding

my best friends wedding movie cost in real life

Not all weddings feature a maid of honour who’s secretly in love with the groom, although that’s not the strangest thing to happen in a movie wedding.

Despite having a stunning ceremony in Chicago’s Fourth Presbyterian Church, featuring a choir, pianist and band, this wedding comes in at a relatively low total cost.

The most expensive item was Kimmy’s dress, at an estimated £11,590.

The real-life equivalent of the whole wedding from the film would cost £16,633.

I Love You, Man

i love you man movie wedding cost in real life

Rather than focus on the soon-to-be-married couple, I Love You, Man takes a different approach, following the friendless groom on his hilarious search for a best man and best friend.

This simple ceremony was held at the beautiful Belmond el Encanto in Santa Barbara, which took up most of the costs.

The bride actually wore the lowest-costing dress from Kaleidoscope‘s list, costing an estimated £270.

The total cost of the wedding from I Love You, Man in real life would be £27,378.

The Godfather

the godfather movie wedding cost in real life

At Connie Corleone’s wedding, there’s no expense spared. Which is hardly surprising, considering her father is the head of an infamous New York crime family.

This wedding takes place on the stunning Corleone family estate, saving money on location!

One thing the family did splash out on, however, was hiring the late Al Martino to sing at the wedding, which compared to present day, would set you back over £150,000.

The cost of the wedding in The Godfather in real life? £188,140.

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