She is one of the key people in your life, so it follows that the Mother of the bride should be a part of your wedding day planning too. Whether that is a small role or a more involved role, it is entirely up to the two of you. We have a mother of the bride to-do list to give you an idea of roles and responsibilities.

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The Official To-do List: Mother Of The Bride Jobs

Your wedding day is a big event for everyone and something your mum will cherish forever. Sharing some of the responsibility and encouraging some involvement will mean a lot.

Mother of the bride to-do list

  1. Announcing the engagement to the press, locally and nationally
  2. Working with the bride and groom to draw up the guest list
  3. Ordering the stationery and chasing it up
  4. Sending out the invites and keeping an eye on acceptances and regrets
  5. Supplying the wedding gift details to anyone who asks for them
  6. Helping to organise the seating plan
  7. Help you to choose your wedding dress and the bridesmaids’ dresses
  8. Ordering the wedding cake
  9. Arranging table decorations
  10. Making sure all of the guests have got somewhere to stay that night
  11. Help you to get dressed and ready on the morning of the wedding
  12. Give the order of service sheets to the ushers
  13. Organising the buttonholes for key members of the wedding party, including the ushers, best man, the bridegroom, and the two dads
  14. Look after the gifts during and after the wedding. This includes finding a safe place to store them during the day
  15. Collect the photo proofs from the photographer while you are away on your honeymoon!


  • Look after her – she is going to be working hard for you behind the scenes
  • Give her a bouquet at the reception, during the speeches
  • Encourage her to wear a complementary outfit to the colour scheme
  • Invite her to be involved with choosing or seeing you try on your wedding dress. (It’s one of the things mum’s look forward to)
  • Encourage her to meet up with your fiancé’s mum so that they know each other before the day (and don’t wear clashing outfits)


  • One of the most important things to remember is to thank her. Don’t forget!
  • Exclude her completely
  • Forget her on the day – she’ll be longing to be useful
  • Leave her to do everything. By tradition, she would be the last to leave the reception, but don’t ask her to stay until the last drink is sunk
Official Mother of the bride jobs ©


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