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Weddings are a wonderful occasion whatever the season, but can you guess what month is the most popular for tying the knot in the UK?

Unsurprisingly, August is the most popular month in the UK to get married. What with the warmer weather, longer days and more chance of sunshine, it’s no wonder than couples want to tie the knot in the height of summer.

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However, as much as we all love a wedding, they can get a little pricey for guests, especially if you’ve got more than one to attend in one wedding season.

Research by car hire company Holiday Autos has revealed that 65% of Brits are not willing to travel more than three hours for a wedding, with 23% turning down an invite if the venue is too difficult to reach.

The same goes for family, too; only half questioned would travel more than three hours for their sibling’s wedding, with the figures even less if it were their own child!

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And for those who do go the distance, they make the trip into more of a staycation; 45% said they would visit a local beach or holiday pot, with 41% keen to see a local heritage site or Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

In the UK, a survey by Nationwide found that on average guests would spend £400 to attend a wedding – accounting for gifts and outfits on top of travel and accommodation too.

Another study found that the amount wedding guests spend on gifts varies depending on age, with those aged 18-37 spending around £42, rising to around £114 for guests above that age. And, unsurpsingly, the amount you spend goes down if you aren’t as close to the couple in question.

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