From ‘babe’ and ‘sweetheart’ to ‘darling’ and ‘sexy’ many of us have pet names for our partners, but which are the most-loved and most-hated pet names?

10 of the Most Loved and Most Hated pet Names for our Partners

10 of the Most Loved and Most Hated pet Names

Pet names are a bit like marmite – some hate them, some love them – with favourites such as ‘gorgeous’, ‘babe’ ‘beautiful’ and pumpkin all ranking highly on the list.

But as a recent survey revealed that only one in five Brits still call their partner by their full name, it got us asking: what is acceptable, and what isn’t?

Food-Based pet Names

One thing that’s clear is that ladies aren’t so keen on being referred to as food, particularly if it’s fattening – some of their most-detested names include ‘pudding’, ‘sugar pie’, ‘treacle’ and ‘pickle’.

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They do say food is the way to a man’s heart, but perhaps the guys are taking it a little too far.

One in five Brits also admit to saving a special, soppy pet name for their partner that’s only used when they are alone together. One in 10 men, on the other hand, allow their partner to call them by a name that they hate.

Cheeky pet Names

What about the names that come out when your partner isn’t around? ‘The Mrs’ and ‘The Wife’ are commonly used between men, but there are slightly braver husbands (one in 14) who go as far as calling their partner ‘the ball and chain’.

‘The Wicked Witch of the West’ get its fair share of attention, too, with three per cent of British men admitting to using this moniker to refer to their other half.

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What are the Most-Loved pet Names?

  1. Gorgeous

  2. Beautiful

  3. Lovely

  4. Love

  5. Darling

  6. Honey

  7. Sexy

  8. Angel

  9. Dearest

  10. Precious

What are the Most-Hated pet Names?

  1. Babe

  2. Sweet cheeks

  3. Snookums

  4. Baby doll

  5. Baby girl

  6. Muffin

  7. Ducky

  8. Baby cakes

  9. Sexy pants

  10. Pudding

Do you Have a pet Name for Your Partner?

We ask some of our favourite Facebook brides about their pet names for their partners, and we received some interesting suggestions in response!

“I call my husband sexy bum, he calls me baby face – we even have these engraved inside our wedding rings.” – Vicki Alty.

“He’s monkey socks and I’m Squidget.” – Ranina Berry.

“I call my husband Smiler and he calls me Blusher.” – Fiona Horton.

“He’s Chubba and I’m Tubba as we are both quite chubby!” – Liane Robson-Burrell.

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