Love has no boundaries. That is, until you start to notice those irritating habits in your other half that make your blood boil…

Anyway, new research of over 1,000 married couples has officially revealed what the nation’s most annoying habits in relationships really are.

The survey, by family law firm Brookman Solicitors, showed it’s the “little things” such as partners not pulling their weight around the house that bother and annoy people the most in relationships.

The most annoying habits in relationships are…

  1. Failing to do chores

If you have a suspicion that you may not be doing your fair share around the house this is likely to be annoying your partner more than you realise, as failing to do chores came out as the number one most annoying habits in the relationship survey. If you make the changes now you will prevent this bad habit escalating, why not shock your partner and offer to wash up or pick up a duster and load the washing machine!

2. Talking too much

Talking too much in a relationship has proven to be a bad habit that certainly annoys your other half. When spending so much time with one other person, speaking to much can bother your partner very quickly. It is important you listen to your partner, ask questions about their day instead of talking at them about yourself everyday.

  1. Failing to communicate

Failing to communicate with your partner can be just as detrimental for your relationship than talking too much can. Your partner may become suspicious if you consistently do not reveal what you are up to or who you are with, this is why a healthy balance in communication needs to be reached in order to preserve trust and mutual respect in your relationship.

  1. Poor hygiene

Everyone gets complacent in a relationship in comparison to how they were at the initial stages of the blooming romance, but it is crucial you do not let your hygiene slip. Bad hygiene will inevitably annoy your partner, imagine having to sleep in a bed with someone who smells or has bad breath?

  1. Money management

Money is often a tricky subject to discuss in a relationship but it is an important topic not to be ignored, particularly if you share a bank account. When you have a shared account with your partner their credit score will impact on yours, thus if you are failing to manage your finances this may annoy your partner. To rectify this bad habit it is crucial to have monthly meetings about money with your partner, this will make sure you are both on the same page.

  1. Being selfish

In a relationship you need to accomodate for your partner in decisions as well as yourself, if you are the one always making decisions this can cause resentment in your partner. You need to make the effort and take an interest in your partner’s life, essentially give back as much as they are giving you. Selfishness is a huge turnoff in a partner and is likely to be annoying your other half behind the scenes if this bad habit persists.

7. Technology

Are you addicted to your phone? If the answer is yes and technology is ruling your life this is likely to be negatively impacting on your relationship. Constantly texting whilst your partner is talking to you can make them feel neglected or annoyed as though you are not interested in what they have to say. Also having arguments or disagreements via technology, such as text, can annoy your partner as often messages can get misinterpreted, making the situation worse. This explains why it is better to air grievances in person with your partner and not via technology in order to prevent annoying your partner further.

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