A new study from the UK’s leading money-saving brand has revealed that 51% of grooms play no part in wedding planning, even though 1 in 5 of these weddings are paid for in full by the groom or his family!

According to new research from the country’s top discount brand, three fifths of grooms have ‘played no part’ in the organisation of their own wedding. Not being allowed to contribute by their partner was revealed as the most common reason for the lack of involvement, followed by having all their ideas dismissed. It looks like we’ve got a few bridezillas on our hands!

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It was also revealed that, of the grooms who had no involvement in their wedding planning, less than a fifth wished they had been!

The research, conducted by vouchercloud.com, polled 2,284 British males, all 18 years old or over and all were required to have got married in the past 12 months. The survey was conducted as part of ongoing research into the financial attitudes and spending habits of UK couples when planning a wedding.

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Initially, all respondents were asked whether they had helped to organise their wedding, to which only 49% stated that they had. So what were the remaining 51% doing? Well, they were able to select all answers they felt were applicable…

Here were the top 5 reasons…

  • Partner did not allow me to get involved in the organisation – 53%
  • I offered ideas but they were dismissed – 41%
  • I had too many other commitments in my schedule – 33%
  • I was happy to leave the decisions to my partner – 26%
  • I was not interested in contributing – 18%

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In order to understand the financial arrangements, the survey then asked all grooms who had not been involved in organising the wedding, how much they had contributed to cover the cost of the wedding, to which a fifth confirmed that they and/or their family had footed the entire bill.

The survey then asked the same group, ‘Did you take any credit for the organisation of the wedding?’. It was revealed that 46% of these respondents had taken some of the credit, in spite of their lack of involvement. When questioned further, it was also revealed that only 19% of uninvolved grooms wished they had been more involved.


Matthew Wood of vouchercloud.com had this to say:When it comes to weddings, it is traditonally the bride and her family who take the reins with regards to planning the event; but I am astonished that over half of grooms don’t have any involvement at all. A wedding is about both sides of the couple, after all, and is shared by loved ones of both parties.”

Obviously, there will be brides and grooms who aren’t so keen on all the little details of wedding planning, but for those who are, it’s important to try and have your say. Weddings are rarely cheap, so make sure it’s the day you envisaged too!

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For the grooms that ARE getting involved with wedding planning, we’ve got some great tips for you. And for those who aren’t bothering, you might find these tips on groomswear useful anyway…