Save money for your big day with part 2 of our expert money saving tips.

Video yourself

Wedding planner Marie Haverly from Isabella Weddings says: “Shoot your own wedding video with and then let the experts edit it for you! Also, save money on your photos by hiring a polaroid camera from and have your guests create their own magic!”

Bridal jewellery

Rebecca at Starlet Jewellery says: “When buying your bridal jewellery, try to choose pieces that you can wear after the big day. A glamorous cuff or simple string of pearls can be worn on special occasions, reducing the cost per wear and they’ll remind you of your big day.”

Package deals

Rosie from Linda Gray Bridalwear explains: “Often wedding suppliers can give you a package deal that will be much better value than buying everything separately. Whether it’s money off your bridesmaids’ dresses or a free pair of shoes, take full advantage and don’t be afraid to ask at your bridal boutique!”

Artificial flowers

Lisa at C&L Floral Designs says: “Artificial flowers are great value for money and no one will know because of the fantastic quality now available. All the flowers are reusable so you can sell them on after your big day or give them away as fabulous thank you gifts.”

Assemble your own

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Kirsten Gooch at Mandalay Stationery says: “Shop around for a stationer that offers different ways of ordering, from DIY kits to designing and type setting your wording and printing your inserts for you. All you then need to do is assemble your cards! ”

The perfect pout

Make-up artist, Joy Adenuga says: “You’ll be kissing a lot of people on the big day – not least your new husband! For long-lasting lip colour, use a lip pencil – line the entire lip, blot and line again, repeating twice, then apply lip gloss.”

Use the internet

Rob at top boutique Creatiques says: “Register on the website of your local boutiques – they should give you updates on any special offers, future sales or designer events, and will often offer a discount on a specific day.”

Bespoke jewellery

“Brides can save with our ‘Something Borrowed’ scheme,” says Tracey Phillips at Bridal Designs Wedding Jewellery. “Here you buy brand new jewellery handcrafted to your specifications and return it after the big day to get 50% of the purchase price back!”

Born again dresses

“Most bridal gowns get locked away after the wedding,” says Vivien Felstein at Veromia. “Instead, buy your dress in a dyeable material so you can dye it to your favourite colour after the big day. Then shorten the train and you can wear it again and again!”

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