Brenda from Zankyou reveals the modern way to choose your wedding gift list…

Myself and my fiancé will be tying the knot at the end of August this year, it will be the second time around for both of us and of course it has been a long time since we each organized a wedding. Things are so much different now to all those years ago, but most of all we have found that when it comes to wedding gift lists, people now ask what you would like! ‘Is there something specific? Would you like money?’ they ask! Long gone are the days of knives and toasters… now there’s a new wedding gift list etiquette to get your head around.

So how does it work these days? Well, most brides and grooms have already set up home long before they get married so no need for the more traditional presents and whilst money makes a great gift giving the bride and groom more freedom, it can be awkward to ask for, especially in these recessionary times.

Thankfully though, there are alternatives. The advent of an online wedding gift list like Zankyou mean couples can create their own personal wedding gift list unique to them. There are no limits to what you can list, from honeymoons and electrical goods to activities and charitable donations, You want it? You list it. Zankyou then transfers the funds contributed to your list to your personal bank account, giving you the freedom to list any gift you want and to use the money as you wish and all the while making life a lot easier for your guests.

Wedding Gift List Ideas
Choosing your gift list is easy with Zankyou!

Probably the most popular use of the online wedding list by couples is to fund their honeymoons. Whether you are traveling independently or with a travel agency websites like Zankyou allow you to set up a virtual travel guide to the various parts of your honeymoon so your guest can make contributions towards your honeymoon, including flights, accommodation, tours and entrance to attractions. You then receive the contributions in your bank account and use the money before you go, while you are away or when you come back. Wherever you go in the world, you can register your honeymoon on a map and share your experiences with your guests.

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The brilliant thing is, the wedding list is only part of the whole service, couples can now easily create their own free wedding website again unique to them and their wedding.

With the world being a much smaller place these days and with so much migration and emigration a lot of weddings now involve couples from different countries or different sides of the world. A wedding website can make the process so much easier and less daunting for the Bride and Groom and their family and friends from overseas.

A personalized website allows the couple to share details about their big day from photographs, maps and schedules to venue details and accommodation. Being able to put your wedding itinerary online makes life easier for everyone ensuring the couple doesn’t spend the morning of the wedding trying to organize their guests to the church or wedding venue and at the same time making your guests feel a little bit more involved in your big day.