Got all the pots and pans you need? Try these modern gift list options…

High street options

High street gift lists are still among the most popular. Most major stores like John Lewis, Debenhams and House of Fraser provide this service and it’s so much fun walking around the shops with your very own scanner, beeping the items you want! As part of the service, the department store will manage the list for you and send you a list detailing who bought what after the big day so you can send out your thank you cards.

Charity gift lists

One of our favourite options is giving to charity. If you already have everything you need, why not help a worthy cause? William and Kate chose this option, and you could follow in their royal footsteps. Cancer Research, for example, have their giveincelebration website where your guests can make much-needed donations.

Online gift lists

Perfect if you’re a busy couple with no time for strolling around the shops. Prezola, My List Is Here and Our Wishing Well are some of the most famous online gift list sites. You just send them a list of the items you’d like and they’ll set up the list for you. It saves your guests time, too, as they can browse your choices online rather than making a special trip to the store.

Honeymoon help

Another popular option is to ask for help towards the honeymoon. We love websites like Buy Our Honeymoon, that enable guests to buy a particular activity for you to try while you’re away – it could be anything from snorkelling to a dinner cruise.

Mix and match

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If you want to mix and match presents on your gift list, why not use a website like the Bottom Drawer. They enable you to collate a personalised list, made up of gifts from high street stores like John Lewis plus more unusual options. One couple chose a garden makeover where each guest purchased a square metre of the garden and bought plants to fill that space.

Top tips

When planning a gift list, start at least three months before the wedding so there’s plenty of time for ordering and delivery. Also, don’t just think about the here and now. What type of items will you be using in the future? Do you want to use your gift list as an opportunity to aquire your ‘best’ items to bring out at dinner parties? Make sure, also, that you include items across a range of budgets so that guests with limited funds don’t feel left out. People will want to buy you a gift, so make it as easy for them as possible.

Anniversary gift planner

After the wedding, look forward to more amazing presents on each anniversary. Here’s a short guide on what to buy when…

1 year Paper
2 years Cotton
3 years Leather
4 years Flowers
5 years Wood
10 years Aluminum
20 years China
30 years Pearl
40 years Ruby
50 years Golden