In the September issue 165 Fross Wedding Collections speak about things to avoid when wedding dress shopping! Here is some of their expert advice for finding your DREAM dress leaving you without worry!


You’ve made one pretty major life decision already by choosing the one person that you’re going to spend the rest of your life with – and they’ve chosen you! With that heartfelt commitment comes many more decisions, like choosing the perfect dress to say “I do” in. With so many options out there, it can be difficult to know where to start. Fross Hockley, owner of Fross Wedding Collections, a designer bridal boutique in East Sussex, share their pearls of wisdom on the five potential pitfalls you should avoid when choosing your wedding gown.




Setting your heart on the wrong dress

It’s so easily done with the boundless beautiful images available in magazines, on blogs and on Pinterest. When all you see are gowns modelled on one very particular body type, it’s no wonder so many brides fall in love with how the dress looks in the picture, as opposed to how it will look on their body. It’s also true that wedding dress shopping is such a rare and unique experience that brides have no frame of reference for what may or may not suit them. While it’s great to have an idea of what you like, bear in mind your own shape, your personal hang ups and insecurities and the features of which you’re proudest, and try not to get too attached to anything before you try it on. This advice extends to your boutique appointment. By all means, rule out the dresses you definitely don’t like, but try to stay open minded. Trust the expertise of the sales assistants and try things you might not have expected to love. You never know, you might just surprise yourself!


Buying a cheap dress online

It’s totally understandable that the designer dress you’ve been lusting after at a discount price is a huge temptation, but – the ethical question of intellectual property theft aside – beware of the dangers of buying a cheap knock-off online. While the price might be right, a quick Google search will bring up some real horror stories. Dresses falling apart at the seams, cheap material, the gown looking nothing like the advertised picture or even never arriving at all – so much can go wrong and you can end up losing out with very little time or budget to rectify the problem. If you’re looking for a bargain without strings attached (or loose strings on the dress!), then look out for sample sales at bonafide bridal boutiques – that way you can try before you buy.


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Bringing the wrong people to your appointment

It’s hard enough trying to decide on something as important as your wedding dress without having too many cooks in the kitchen. While you may love all of your friends and want to share the experience of shopping for your wedding dress with them, too many opinions may actually drown out your own. Instead, take one or two trusted friends or family members along with you and make sure you have the space to really listen to what your gut is telling you – it’s probably not wrong.


You can find even more useful help on making your wedding dress shopping as easy and fun as it can be in issue 165 on page 26!

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