Motion graphics artist, Jonathan Shine came up with the idea for the Mini Epic invite a few years back when his best friend asked him to rally 15 mates for a stag do in Vegas. He decided to create a Hollywood-style cinematic teaser trailer as the invitation, featuring the epic banner

“As Best Man a few years ago, I had the daunting task to convince 15 guys to fork out for a Stag Do in Vegas (during a recession!). I wanted to create an invitation that featured the Groom and would hint at where and what kind of Stag Do we were aiming for – to get everyone excited and usher them towards accepting the invite, that’s when I thought of creating a Hollywood-style cinematic teaser trailer as the invitation.” 

“The guys loved the invitation, it set the tone for the Stag Do and I made the right impression as the Groom’s Best Man.”

The invite was an instant hit and became the inspiration for



Packed with personality and originality, the 30s-60s themed animated invitation templates combine witty narratives, sound effects, music and voice-overs most commonly associated with broadcast and film. Put guests in the mood to party with an invitation they won’t forget. After all, when you go to all the effort of organising a party, you want it to start in the best possible way and what better way than with an interactive motion invitation?

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Epic Hen

For the hens show the girls how to mix it up with the perfect ‘cocktail’ for a hen party or set the tone with ‘Hey Girls‘, an invite they won’t forget.

Epic Stag

For your fellow stag’s, assemble the team with a top secret message from the Stag Intelligence Agency, rally the guests with an inspiring pep talk or tongue in cheek advertisement for a fake Stag Do supplement.

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