Recent research has shown that tired-looking skin is one of the biggest beauty woes that women grapple with. Yes, there are hundreds of steps you can take to diminish the dreaded facial fatigue, many of which are fairly simple and lifestyle-based – and yes, you’re probably more than familiar with most of these: drink lots of water to flush out toxins and keep your skin plumped up and hydrated, keep a handle on your alcohol intake, eat, as far as possible, foods that are natural, unprocessed and organic and, in the process, avoid sugar and salt, which cause bloating and puffiness.

Guest writer Sarah Rodrigues



There’s also no end of beauty products available to combat dull, tired looking skin and it’s very possible that some of these work wonderfully well – but with so many serums, supplements, lotions and potions to choose from, it can be overwhelming – not to mention financially disheartening – to know which ones to try?!

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Of course, time-honoured tales about blushing brides being what they are, you might think that the glow of happiness as your wedding draws near should be enough to give you that rosy, dewy glow – but the truth is that planning a wedding can involve stress, sleepless nights and lots of mini-celebrations (with their attendant glasses of fizz). There’s also the fact that many of us are getting married when were older – and that most of us have busy lives, jobs, friends, the list goes on.


This is all brilliant, obviously – but it doesn’t necessarily do our fatigue levels any good – and haggard skin can be the price we pay for that.

“But then I heard about mesotherapy, of which French women are allegedly huge fans (and isn’t that a brilliant recommendation in itself?!)” 

For someone who’s new to aesthetic medicine, it provides a non-threatening introduction to going under the needle delivering, as it does, substances which are naturally present within the skin but which can be compromised and eroded by ageing and the environment. Each tiny pinprick contains a cocktail of of Vitamins A & C, plus amino acids and hyaluronic acid: all substances familiar to me from my endless perusal of sleekly packaged pots at the beauty counter. The difference, as far as I can tell, is that the procedure will get, quite literally, under my skin – right where it needs to be – and since the substances used are naturally occurring, the effect promises to be natural too, with skin likely to appear nourished and rejuvenated, with collagen production enhanced and tone and elasticity improved. Thinking about it, such a targeted approach makes perfect sense – but I decide to reserve my judgement until meeting the practitioners ClinicBe is tucked away in a discreet mews setting and Im put instantly at ease by its soothing decor and friendly staff. Theres a wholesome, natural vibe here: nothing like the sterile, starchy environment Id feared, with terrifying-looking people in the waiting area looking like they’ll never manage to close their eyes again.


No – everyone looks glowing and youthful but reassuringly natural – with eyes that crinkle, however slightly, at the corners when they smile. Dr Kubicka herself is almost ridiculously gorgeous: slim, radiant and unlined, but with a face that bears absolutely no trace of having had. Equally reassuring is her manner: calm, knowledgeable and professional. Im sold, despite the fact that she warns me that the sensation of having needles in your face isn’t entirely pleasant. Actually, its not bad at all – just tiny pinpricks which are scarcely felt due to the numbing cream which has been applied to my face beforehand – its more that the thought of them is a bit grimace-y.


Once a bit of initial puffiness has subsided, I follow all of Dr Kubickas instructions religiously, drinking lots of water and avoiding alcohol – however, there’s not much I can do about my sleeping, which is going through a dreadful phase. Despite this tiredness, I’m overjoyed by how I look within a day or so of the treatment: my skin literally looks refreshed, with a more even tone and firmer texture. People are telling me how well I look (Have you been away?) – and best of all, it all looks completely natural – my face is still totally mobile and twenty times more radiant. A few weeks later I have a second treatment and the effects are even more discernible. Of course, I wont put all of my eggs in the mesotherapy basket – and Dr Kubicka herself is a strong proponent of complementing aesthetic therapy with wise lifestyle decisions – but with results of the treatment likely to last around 12 months, it seems to me to be well worth the money – especially when I make a mental tally of how much I might spend on miracle creams in the same period of time!


For a bride wanting to look her radiant best on her wedding day, I can’t recommend this treatment highly enough. One mesotherapy treatment at ClinicBe costs £175, with discounts offered on courses of 3 (£475) and 10 (£1575)



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