Planning a wedding day is an exciting time, but it can also be incredibly stressful for you and your partner. That’s why we’ve asked mental health charity Mind to offer some tips to help you take care of your mental health during wedding planning.

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5 Ways to Help Your Mental Health During Wedding Planning

Before your wedding day

Have a digital detox

After a hard day at work or a weekend packed with wedmin, turn off your TV, laptop, and mobile phone. Chances are if they’re on, you’ll still be mentally running through your to-do list, or feeling tempted to check in with one more supplier. Go out for a walk or put on some music and have a soothing bath or herbal tea – take time out to spend a peaceful moment just relaxing with your partner.

Delegate tasks

Weddings are major events, so don’t be afraid to ask family and friends to pitch in and help make place cards, decorate tables and tie ribbons on favours. They’ll love that you’ve asked them to join in! Consider giving your phone to a trusted friend on the morning of your wedding, so that any last-minute questions can be fielded and you can focus on the day ahead.

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On your wedding day

Make some time for yourselves

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You probably won’t have much chance to spend some alone time with your spouse on your big day. So, be sure to take a moment after the ceremony for some quality time to savour the vows you have just made to one another. Scout out a quiet spot in your venue beforehand if you can.

Take care of yourselves

You’ll want to say hello to everyone, but it’s also important to sit down and have a snack, breathe, and just share the little moments together. Remember that this is your special day and it’s perfectly fine to put you and your partner’s needs first.

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After your wedding day

Look towards the future

Be mindful that you’ve perhaps spent a year focusing on this one day, and the period after your wedding can easily feel flat. Make sure you have plenty to look forward to, and make a list with your partner to refer back to after the confetti has settled.

It could be your honeymoon, your first shared home, your first pet together, or your first child. Revel in the knowledge and security that you want to share your lives and grow old together. Your wedding was only the beginning.

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