He’s just about the hottest man on the A-list scene right now (and the most popular heart throb in the Wedding Ideas office!), which is why Ryan Gosling is leading the way in men’s style. He recently rocked this green umber at a high profile event, which could work oh-so well for your groom. Notebooks (!) at the ready…

How to steal this sexy men’s style

Colour co-ordinate

Not only has Ryan chosen a green suit instead of a more traditional black, grey or navy number, but he’s gone for a slim fit, which is bang on trend in the world of men’s style this year.

Asymmetric tie

We’re loving the asymmetric stripes on Ryan’s skinny green tie. The different shades of green add a little something to the look, too.

Shiny black shoes

Ryan adds some sleek chic to his look with some well-polished black shoes. It may seem like a small thing, but you can tell a lot about a man from the footwear he chooses…

Side parting

Classically gorgeous, we’re big fans of the side parting on grooms. Ryan also shows how facial hair should be done with a little bit of ‘fashionable stubble’.

Crisp white shirt

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The best way to look like well turned out groom is to wear a whiter-than-white shirt. It gives the whole look a clean and classic edge.

Gorgeous face

Ok, so you can’t buy this, but we couldn’t go on without mentioning it! Swoon…

And there you have it. It’s an easy men’s style to put together, and we’re sure your groom can rock this look, too.

What do you think of a green suit? Are you a Gosling fan, too? Let us know!