Channing Tatum is one of the hottest celebrity A-listers right now, thanks to his roles in blockbuster hits like Magic Mike, The Vow and Step Up. But it’s not his movie roles and good looks that have caught our eye this week, instead it’s his sophisticated red carpet style. We take a look at an outfit he rocked at the Golden Globes that’s perfect for grooms.

How he rocks this modern men’s style…

mens-style-steal-channing-tatums-modern-look-groom Skinny fit

Something that has been really popular of late on both the red carpet and for grooms is the fitted suit. Often in black, navy or dark grey, fitted skinny suits will show off your groom’s figure. This look is particularly complementary for men of a slimmer frame or for grooms with a muscular upper body, like Channing!

Thin tie

Thin ties have been all over men’s style magazines for a good few years now, and they’re great for this look. If your groom isn’t too keen on going for a tie, he could consider a dickie bow instead. The ‘no tie’ rule won’t work for this style.

Folded handkerchief

If buttonholes aren’t an absolute must for you, put a folded handkerchief in your groom’s pocket. Classy and sophisticated!

Black cufflinks

Forget the traditional silver pieces, instead opt for black cufflinks, or for a bit of added glamour, go for a sparkly pair.

Shiny shoes

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It has to be black shoes with a shiny, glossy finish for this style. Make sure he gives them a thorough polish the night before the wedding – he should be able to see his reflection in his fancy footwear!


When you’re thinking about men’s style, jewellery generally doesn’t come to mind. Make sure you keep it that way with this look! The style is created by the suit and footwear alone, any added bling can be a distraction that takes away from the suave modern look.

So there you have it – getting your groom to look as gorgeous as Channing is easy! If you ask us, men’s style has never looked so good…

What do you think of this modern look? Do you think your groom would suit this style?

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