The media pay more attention to men’s style now than they ever have thanks to celebrity men making more effort to keep up with modern fashion.

Last week we looked at Channing Tatum’s modern look for grooms, but this week we’ve found a (delicious!) alternative, courtesy of the uber-stylish Tinie Tempah.

mens-style-steal-tinie-tempahs-alternative-look-groom-tinie-tempahHow Tinie rocks this alternative men’s style…

Cream suit jacket

Tinie looks amazing in this cream suit jacket with black buttons and trim. It looks like it’s come straight from a 1950s American diner – retro and bang on trend in fashion and weddings alike.

Casual footwear

More and more grooms (and brides!) are turning away from traditional footwear and instead are going for comfort over fashion. But this in itself has become a fashion statement in men’s style! Popular choices are Converse trainers, bright footwear or sandals.

Dickie bow tie

This look is made even more cute with Tinie’s polka dot Dickie bow tie. It draws attention to the crisp white shirt and gives the whole look a fun feel. Ties are a no-no here, though coloured cravats are an option.

Sleek chinos

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Men’s style magazines have been all over chinos this year, and now grooms are adopting the less-formal trouser for their big day. Not only do they look great, they’re also a lot cheaper, with the possibility of shopping on the high street. A great choice if you’re getting married abroad, too.

Geek chic glasses

Maybe 30 years ago glasses were treated like a geeky essential, but nowadays they are a must have item for any men’s style! Whether your groom needs glasses or not, get him to pick up a pair of thick framed specs and his look will go from stylish to statement.

Does this look make you want to pass out (!)? Perhaps you think it’s a little too informal for a wedding? Let us know!