TV presenter Melanie Sykes, 42, happily flashed her sparkly engagement ring to the world yesterday as a clear indication that she is engaged to Jack Cockings, who is 16 years her junior.

melanie-sykes-engagedNothing wrong with a toyboy, or a cougar for that matter, but the odds are stacked against this couple, given that they have only known each other for three months. If we met up for a cocktail with Mel, we’d be tempted to say something motherly, along the lines of: “A bit soon, isn’t it…?” But is it?

Did you have a whirlwind romance? How long were you with your partner before you set a date? And are you with someone much younger yourself? Perhaps you’re a cougar and you’ve succeeded where Demi Moore failed.

We’d love to hear your stories…


  1. Think Mel Sykes getting engaged to a 26 year old??? She’s
    42 and garuntee it won’t last, its embarrassing really 16 years his senior ewww LOL


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