If you like wedding shoes then you’ll just adore our next sponsor in the Wedding Ideas Awards 2014 – please welcome shoe expert Jayne Bransby from the amazing Elegant Steps! In business for over 10 years, they certainly know a thing or two about the perfect pair…


Who are you?

Elegant Steps is the UK’s leading supplier of wedding shoes in the UK having a presence both online and in their new store. Most of their designs can be dyed to match your colour scheme so you can have a completed co-ordinated look. But it’s not just wedding shoes we offer… you’ll find bridesmaid shoes, accessories and much more in our shop.

Which category are you sponsoring?

We are sponsoring the Best Bridal Shoe Collection
 in this year’s Awards. We have a great overview of the wedding shoe market as we see so many designs first hand.

What’s great about the Wedding Ideas Awards?

It is a great platform for wedding businesses to project their knowledge and give trust to their customers that they are the very best in their field. We also love the opportunity to attend and present the all-important award to the right person. It’s a great occasion to meet and mingle with the industry’s finest and increase our brand awareness within this industry.

What are your company’s plans for 2014?

It’s our birthday! We are 10 years old this year! We’ve been selling shoes to beautiful brides, to their friends and family for 10 years. It’s so nice to see many of those brides recommend us to their friends and family and stay in touch with us for their evening shoes, too, and even holy communion shoes and party shoes for their children.

We are also all set for 2014 to be a boom year for weddings, after so many brides opted not to get married in the superstitious 2013. Some of the key trends we are seeing this year include lace shoes, winter booties and shoe clips that allow you to change the look of your wedding shoes from day to night.

We are also noticing that more and more brides want to stand out from the crowd, and we are customising more and more shoes – we’re seeing lots of reds, blues, yellows and pinks. Vibrant colours seem to be popular with brides going into 2014.


What are your top three wedding planning tips?

Be comfortable

Make sure your wedding shoe has extra comfort so you can enjoy your day. Don’t be the bride who remembers her wedding day for kicking off her shoes and dancing barefoot because of sore feet.

Be unique

Customise your shoes with unique ideas to make them as different as you are – change the colour of your shoes, add jewels studs or even something more personal to you.

Don’t forget your mum!

Your mum needs wedding shoes, too! Help get her sorted with a perfectly coordinated pair of shoes dyed to match and matching handbag and she will be super grateful.

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