We all hear stories about  makeup routines, whether we’re doing something right or doing it wrong! Here we take the makeup myths out of the mantras!

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You only need one colour of foundation all year – FALSE!

Your skin changes colour throughout the year based on how much sun exposure you get, so swapping from an autumn/winter to a spring/summer foundation is a must. If you’re marrying abroad, bear in mind how long you’ll be in your destination before the wedding and choose makeup to match your more tanned skin tone.

Primer will give your makeup a flawless finish – TRUE!

A primer is a must for many brides, and especially so for destination weddings. Sweep over some primer to even out your skin’s surface. It will make the application of foundation smooth and effortless and help mask any sun spots or uneven skin tones.

Makeup never expires – FALSE!

As with most items, makeup will expire at some point, although this differs from product to product. For the best results on your best day, make sure your makeup is fresh and your brushes are clean.

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You only need suncream when it’s hot – FALSE!

Even in colder temperatures the sun can still be very powerful – think of the tans people get during snowy skiing holidays! If you’re travelling beforehand or planning a destination wedding, make sure sun cream is on your packing list. Tricky tan lines and a burnt bride do not make for a blissful big day.

Toothpaste can get rid of your spots – TRUE!

Toothpaste can dry out spots and send them well on their way, but it can also dry out your skin! With that in mind, while toothpaste can work if you don’t have an alternative handy, we recommend using a dedicated spot cream to do the dirty work instead so you can save your skin while giving the blemish the boot.

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