We all hear stories about makeup routines and often they are conflicting. So we thought we’d tackle the fake news head on and put things right in the world of beauty. Here we take the everyday makeup myths.

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Makeup Myths Busted

You only need one colour of foundation all year – FALSE

We all know after a long cold winter, we crave the sunshine. Your skin is the same, craving vitamin D to pump some life back into it. Our skin is always naturally exfoliating, so you won’t have the same tanned glow in winter as you did in summer. You need to keep this in mind when shopping for a foundation. If you have a winter wedding you will need a paler share. It’s work mentioning this at your makeup trial with your makeup artist.

We love the wider colour range available with Bobbi Brown’s Longwear Weightless Foundation which caters to all skin colours.

bottle of Bobbi Brown weightless foundation makeup myths busted
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Primers do the same job as moisturisers – FALSE

This is false. A primer is usually more silicone-dense and is applied after your moisturiser. It helps create a smooth and even base for you to apply your makeup and keeps it in place for longer. A primer is a must for many brides, and especially so for destination weddings.  to thanks to the silicones found in the formulas.

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For a soft and smooth finish for a flawless complexion, we love Smashbox’s Photo Finish Super Light as it’s perfect for all skin types and not too greasy or heavy.

tube of photo finish by smash box makeup myths busted
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Makeup never expires – FALSE

As with most items, makeup will expire. All makeup has a small sign on the packaging that looks like a pot with an open lid. There’s a number in it which tells you how many months the product is valid for. For the best results on your big day, make sure your makeup is fresh, in-date and that your brushes are clean.

You only need suncream when it’s hot – FALSE

Never underestimate the power of UV. It can penetrate through cloud and it will hasten the ageing process. We’d always advise you get into the habit of applying SPF daily, even if you have an SPF foundation. Beauty brands are getting behind the cause but the minimal amount you get in your foundation is not enough to rely on alone.

We particularly love La Roche-Posay’s 50spf Anthelios mist as it’s light with high coverage. It can be sprayed under or on top of your makeup too.

can of la Roche-posey anthelion makeup myths busted
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You should add concealer before your foundation- FALSE

For the best coverage, you need to layer and blend your makeup. Always apply your foundation first and leave any spots until last. Tackle blemishes by dabbing- not rubbing- concealer over them with your finger. The gentle dabbing motion should blend it in flawlessly. If you apply concealer first, you’ll only rub it all off when applying the foundation.


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