Think of all the weddings and other events you’ve been to over the past few year and just take a minute to think what the first things that come to your mind about the occasions are.

For many people, the thing that they’ll remember the most is – whether they enjoyed it or not – the entertainment. Great entertainment makes the flowers smell sweeter, the room look brighter and the food taste better; poor entertainment turns a wedding into an expensive dinner party where the guests leave early.


Anthony Winyard from Anthony Winyard Wedding Entertainment shares his top tips on making the most of your wedding entertainment:


One way to help ensure you have a great night is to work with your entertainment rather than have them working for you. What I mean by that is, the better they know you and you know them, the more reassured you’ll be and the better informed they’ll be, which all aids in creating an exceptional occasion!

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If you’re not planning on either meeting or Skyping your band or DJ before the wedding, you are missing an opportunity to greatly influence your wedding for the better. This planning meeting is where you can discuss the timings, the music and let them know how you visualise your day. They have far greater chance of delivering your dream if they know what it is, so don’t leave them guessing.

Tell your chosen entertainment host about your favourite music, about the radio stations you listen to; tell them which years you were at university of college! Additionally, mention the songs, artists and genres you dislike – the things that make you cringe. The last thing your DJ wants to do is play a song you can’t stand.


Step down (just a little)

If you are thinking of giving your DJ a massive list of exactly what music they should play (and even worse, in the order they should be played!), stop. Why? Because this screams out that you have next to zero confidence that they will deliver what you want. It begs the question, why are you booking them? You may as well just plugged in your iPod!

DJs know best when it comes to working out the music to best suit the atmosphere. They’ll know which songs will get both sets of family and friends on the dancefloor, and which songs will make them go sit down. Some songs work really well early in the night, while others are more effective towards the end. Leave that 10-page manual of the playlist you want, and leave it to the professionals!

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The pre-planned playlist

I am often asked by friends if I will put together a playlist for them for their party an I always refuse because, even though I have DJ’ed at over 2,000 weddings, I can not see into the future and do not know what direction the event will go in.

The way to get the best result is if you have confidence that your DJ or band will deliver a great performance, as well as aiding them with a guideline of what you like and dislike, and ensuring that somebody looks after them in terms of refreshments. No one wants a dehydrated DJ.

A good DJ will feed on the atmosphere in the room and lead your guests on an amazing musical journey, creating the perfect momentum ending in a final crescendo with all your guests hugging before they leave. That is the sign of good wedding entertainment!


Anthony Winyard is a London-based wedding DJ, Master of Ceremonies and wedding entertainer. With 20 years of experience as an international club DJ, he provides a unique, tailor-made service to his couples ensuring a fun party for everyone. For more info, head to!