Make Sparks Fly On Bonfire Night With The Perfect Proposal

Getting engaged is a memorable experience at any time of the year, but Hancocks Jewellers found that 15% of people would love to be proposed to on Bonfire Night.

It may not automatically strike you as being the perfect occasion to pop the question, but when you think about it, it really is rather romantic…

Make Sparks Fly On Bonfire Night With The Perfect Proposal

For many who took part in the survey, the combination of twinkling stars and fireworks is magical enough to trigger those four little words.

Public or private?

Most Brits spend Bonfire Night standing in a neighbourhood park and gazing at a huge bonfire, but as you can imagine, being surrounded by the local community doesn’t instantly give off romantic vibes. Don’t hide the ring box in your glove just yet, just think about whether your partner would want a public proposal in front of everyone, or whether they would prefer a more private, intimate affair.

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Private doesn’t mean you have to be completely alone. One idea is to invite family and close friends round to your house, enjoy some delicious nibbles and host your own fireworks display. Then when the moment comes to get down on one knee and present your partner with a ring, you can still have an intimate proposal while also sharing the moment with your nearest and dearest.

Some people would find it more romantic to just be alone with their partner though, in this case make it a strictly no-family affair. You don’t even have to go outside to create a perfect proposal, sometimes just cuddling up together can feel romantic. Perhaps you could take a trip to a country pub, sit next to the glow of a warm open fire and propose right there.


A ring that truly sparkles

Under the fireworks, the engagement ring will sparkle and dazzle as beautifully as the stars above. Although make sure that you choose something that won’t be upstaged by the sparklers.

Diamonds will reflect the moonlight as it cascades through the jewel, showcasing its beauty in full. You really can’t go wrong with a traditional piece like this, so opt for a classic brilliant cut diamond for a timeless style of jewellery.


While engagement rings are traditionally white diamonds, there is no reason why you cannot have a coloured stone in yours to accentuate the unique autumn proposal date. Rubies exude warm tones and the deep colours remind us of the entrancing fireworks – a beautiful centrepiece of an engagement ring, with white diamonds surrounding the stone.

bonfire-night-proposal-unnamed-2The rarity of the yellow diamond makes it ideal for a modern bride who loves the finer things in life. The fiery yellow stone also looks gorgeous when paired with white diamonds in an engagement ring.

bonfire-night-proposal-Yellow Diamond Ring - Hancocks

Do you remember that magical green colour that you only see in firework displays? Emeralds shine with the same effervescent quality, especially when paired with a platinum band and white diamonds.

How to pop the question

In a dream world the perfect proposal would involve writing your loved one’s name in the sky in a brilliant blaze of beautiful colours, but we all know that pyrotechnics are difficult at the best of times.

Keep it simple and elegant, at this stage planning will be your best friend. The small details can make a world of difference and turn a mediocre proposal into something truly special. Decorate the garden or space you’re in with fairy lights and if the weather is dry then set up a little table and chairs that you can decorate with flowers.

Spend the whole evening together and do something surprising, if you don’t normally cook then prepare a decadent meal and really spoil your partner. As Bonfire Night isn’t a typically romantic date, your partner will be even more delighted at all of the effort you are putting in for this occasion, whether they suspect anything or not. Sam-Richy-21