7 Ways To Make The Most Of Being Engaged

Once you’ve told the story of how perfectly they proposed, don’t let the excitement of being engaged start to fizzle out!

No matter how long your to-do list or how tight your budget or how fed up you’re getting of these things they don’t tell you about getting engaged, now is absolutely the time to have fun. Yes, there’s a lot to do, but you can set a date that gives yourself plenty of time. Create a schedule to get things done by and you’ll be able to switch off, knowing that everything is accounted for, and then you can get down to the fabulous business of being engaged! Here are seven ways to make the most of it.

Don't let the excitement of being engaged fizzle out amid all the planning - here are seven things you can do to make the most of it!


Turn the planning into something to look forward to

It absolutely doesn’t have to be a chore and it won’t be if you approach wedding planning with an upbeat attitude. Make your planning nights something to look forward to. Chocolates and a bottle of fizz will make arranging your seating plan so much more agreeable. Got some crafting to do? Invite your mutual friends over, spread out the nibbles and get making! That upcycled, bang on trend gin bar won’t make itself, and many hands to make light, far more fun work…


Do it together

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While he probably won’t be allowed to see you choose your dress, make memories together during other elements. Treat your menu tasting appointments as date nights; sample so many cakes that you feel sick; make each other laugh at your mutual lack of knowledge at the florists… just have fun with it!


Plan romantic getaways for just the two of you

Even with the most positive of outlooks, there will likely come a point when juggling planning, work, life and other commitments feels a touch too much. Now is the time to book a spontaneous romantic getaway for just the two of you. Plan it at lunchtime and you could be off that very evening – you could even make it a surprise. Once you reach your destination, dress up for dinner and drink Champagne even if you’re staying in – it’ll make it feel more special!


Book an engagement photoshoot

A couple’s photoshoot would feel frivolous any other time, but you’re engaged, so it’s totally allowed! Book it with your chosen wedding photographer if you can. It’ll be a great chance to get comfortable around them before the big day comes – try these 14 poses for starters. You’ll capture so many beautiful photographs together in a far less formal setting and without the pressure. You could even use them on your invitations afterwards!

The A-Z of A Happy Marriage

Introduce each other properly

Because you won’t actually be able to call each other your fiancé for all that long…


Throw an engagement party

Make it as glamorous as your hearts and purses allow. Whatever your party style, getting the people who love you the most together to celebrate your engagement will make it feel so much more real and so much more exciting! And it’s the chance to buy another pretty dress…


Remind each other of why you’re engaged

Whether it’s making their coffee in the morning, bringing home their favourite takeaway for a cosy night in, or something as simple as a kiss goodnight, remember to remind each other why you’re getting married in the first place. Thoughtful gestures go a long way but they’re easy to forget when life gets busy.


What have you done to make the most of being engaged?