Instead of leaving straight away for two weeks in the Maldives, lots of couples opt to have a short, simple break after their wedding, in advance of their full honeymoon. Sometimes, this is so they can better schedule their honeymoon to suit the climate of wherever they’re going — many popular honeymoon destinations are in the full swing of the rainy season during our British summer.

Sometimes it’s because of work, family or other commitments.  Or perhaps, once you’ve paid for your venue, food, music, flowers and dress, you might not have a great deal of money left available to be able to jet off right away.

With Buy Our Honeymoon’s super-flexible honeymoon gift list service, you don’t have to know your itinerary or even your destination in advance.  Lots of couples use Buy Our Honeymoon to keep their options open, so they can book the honeymoon they can afford once their gift list closes.

A mini-moon can help you mark the very start of your married life with some quality time away together, while giving you the flexibility to take a longer honeymoon when it’s more convenient.


The UK

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From a yurt in Cornwall to a log cabin in the Scottish highlands, there’s a massive choice of beautiful mini-moon retreats right here on your doorstep.  Whether exploring the Lake District, snuggling up in a seaside cottage in Devon, or enjoying some high culture in Stratford upon Avon, good old Blighty has a lot to offer.

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After all, spending a little time alone with your new husband or wife is what’s it’s all about.  It might be a place that has romantic significance for you, it might be close by, or it might just be gorgeous, but ultimately this is time just to enjoy those precious first days as a married couple.


Many moons ago, time in Europe would have been a luxury holiday in itself but we’ve all become such travel fans that what would have been a trip of a lifetime is now a short break. There are so many glorious choices within a few short hours of the UK.

Paris is hands down the most popular — and why wouldn’t it be?  A short train ride, and you’re in the romance capital of the world. Alternatively, the slower pace of the Italian Lakes or the stunning beaches of Croatia offer a wonderful opportunity to spend time enjoying each other and reflecting on the journey that you are starting together.

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Further afield: you call that a mini-moon?

For some couples, a mini-moon is a great way to sample just a little decadence without completely breaking the bank. For others, inter-continental travel counts as a short break (lucky lucky people!)  Glitz and glamour combine seamlessly with non-stop action and fun as the world becomes your playground.

A horse drawn carriage through Central Park in Manhattan, betting it all on black at the Bellagio or drinks at the Sky Bar in the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai. The only problem is finding ways to make your ‘proper honeymoon’ even better!

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Instead of buying your traditional presents of kitchenware and linens, your friends and family can contribute towards making your mini-moon amazing, and towards making your honeymoon happen. For more information on funding your honeymoon with a little help from your guests, check out Buy Our Honeymoon at