We think there are five big questions before the honeymoon that you need to consider…

Somewhere new or somewhere you love?

A tricky one… Do you revisit a place you know you both love that has happy memories for you, or do you take a risk and catch a flight to a destination you’ve never visited, but have always wanted to? We think there are pros and cons to both here – you know you’re guaranteed a good time in your favourite spot and you know the best places to go, but you do run the risk of being disappointed, perhaps it’s not as nice as you remember? You’re also more likely to go to the same spots you went to before and not explore the other great places you missed the first time. Going to somewhere new is a bit risky because it could be a let down, but at least you’ll be exploring somewhere new together and creating new honeymoon memories to treasure forever!

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Long or short breaks?

There won’t be many more opportunities to take a break from work and visit a far-flung destination, so do you make the most of it and take a honey-month or stick to the two-week break and have holiday to spare for the rest of the working year? Part of me thinks it’s a great chance to take the plunge and really experience a country or two, but will you resent it if you’re stuck working on birthdays and other events throughout the year?

Winter or summer?

So, your chosen destination is going to be in the winter season when you wed, is that a problem? Winter holidays bring the opportunity of snow sports, fab photos and a winter wonderland setting that’s oh-so romantic. But then summer offers something just as appealing – cocktails on the beach, a fabulous tan and the chance to wear that bikini you’ve been saving! Decisions, decisions…

Put it back or go straight away?

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Many couples choose to go straight to the honeymoon after the big day, but this isn’t always the best choice. If you go straight away, you don’t have time to really reflect on the wedding with friends and family while it’s still fresh, when you return they all want to talk about the honeymoon! Plus, if you put it back a bit, it gives you something to look forward to later in the year and you can save more money to really make the most of the trip. It will also give you time to organise your wedding gifts and write your thank you cards before you forget!

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Home or abroad?

Don’t think you have to go abroad for your honeymoon, although this can be a real treat! There are lovely destinations in Blighty, including Edinburgh, Cornwall and Bath, and it will be a lot cheaper to take a break here. Mini-moons in the UK can be very beneficial if you already have children – you can ether take them with you, or if not, you know you’re not too far away if you need to come home for some reason. Perfect!

So there we have it. It’s a real challenge choosing a honeymoon that’s right for you both, but it shouldn’t be a hassle. Enjoy every minute of planning your trip and write the pros and cons to every possibility. The main thing is that you have a great time celebrating your first break as husband and wife, wherever it may be!