We always love to see something a little different at weddings, and this wedding abroad certainly did. Here’s Lucy and Ashley’s story…

After a couple of romantic holidays to Mexico, Lucy and Ashley just knew it was the place they wanted to get married. Their planning didn’t come without difficulty, with the choice of a wedding abroad bringing the reality of family and friends not able to make it as well as distance and a struggle with translation. However, they saw it all through, and had a wonderful wedding abroad because of it…


How they met

“I met Ashley six years ago in a pub whilst I was at university. It was an average Monday night, and a few drinks with my housemates. We got talking and haven’t looked back since!” says Lucy.


“The first time we went to Mexico, we fell in love. Mexico is such a beautiful place with such a wonderful culture, it was difficult to not feel at home,” Lucy explains. “The second time we went back it has become a place of refuge for us both and seemed to bring us back to life.”

“It was on this trip I decided I wanted to get married there. As we walked through a local town, Playa del Carmen, a wedding party left the church. It was perfect, a mariachi band, flowers everywhere and glorious sunshine. I have never seen a happier couple.”

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The proposal

“My job moved me down to Hastings, six hours away from Ash. It was a difficult time for us, but I believe it made us stronger. It was there on the beach on another random Monday that he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was that shocked my response was, ‘Are you joking?!'” Lucy laughs.

The bride’s outfit

“I found my beautiful dress by Essence of Australia in Eastbourne with my best friend, and was able to purchase it more locally with the amazing Vicky Lee Bridal,” she describes. “I had decided to go for a traditional lace wedding dress, but one with a lighter feel and a hoop to assist with the hot weather. The sprinkling of crystals and delicate silver thread meant it sparkled in the Mexican sunshine!” Lucy smiles.


The groom’s outfit

“Ash wanted to wear something different and special but didn’t want to wear a full suit in the heat. He settled on the brilliant idea of a bow tie and braces – probably from watching too many 1920s television series!” she laughs.

The bridesmaids

“One thing I was clear on was that I wanted it to be bright. We chose a bright coral for our bridesmaids to contrast the blues of the sea and sky,” explains Lucy. “I loved the twist and wrap dresses and so we had them made by a local seamstress, It’s Sew You, with the colour we wanted.”

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The ceremony

“The wedding day was perfect,” grins Lucy. “The hotel photographer took some fabulous shots on the beach – we had chosen simple white linen and pink rose petals to decorate, which looked so dramatic against the sea.”

The reception

“After the ceremony, we were served champagne and cocktails in the sunshine, and then we were able to go for a dip in the pool – who else gets to do that on their wedding day?” says Lucy.

“We then went down to a private pool which had been sectioned off and covered in candles for our reception, and danced the night away!”

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The underwater bit…

“After our wedding, we wanted to do something completely different to capture the magic of the day,” Lucy explains. “We decided on a photoshoot at a gorgeous Mexican Cenote in the Mayan Jungle

“We had photos taken in the jungle first, then I changed into a lighter dress from Monsoon to get into the water. I’d always wanted to be a mermaid as a child, and this definitely gave us that experience!”


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