Wedding Ideas LOVES La Maison Guimauve in issue 163! An innovative and totally luxurious twist to the French marshmallow, the guimauve, a traditional confectionery in France and as famous and ubiquitous as le macaron.

Their marshmallows are all handmade in kitchens in London, using only the finest ingredients that come in a unique range of delicious and exciting flavours. They keep their production process in-house, hand cutting and lovingly preparing each individual marshmallow.

The three most important elements of a perfect marshmallows are freshness, texture and taste. La Maison Guimauve create the lightest and fluffiest of marshmallows. (We would know we tasted them ourselves!) Their marshmallows are totally fresh which means they retain their moisture creating a soft and cloud-like texture. You haven’t understood the possibilities of the Marshmallow until you have indulged in these! A perfect luxury treat for your guests!?

Read more on La Maison Guimauve in our amazing August issue on page 138!

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