When a beautiful girl from a rural Italian village meets an English boy and falls in love…


They have been away from each other for the last month and Anthony has posted Olivia a love letter every day, to let her know he adores her and can’t wait to marry her. On the morning of the wedding, the day begins with Olivia sitting in the shade of the tree in the orchard, having quiet time for herself and pouring over the last letter from Anthony.

A handmade lace robe, soft fabric, tulle and the gorgeous details sets the scene, while the wind softly rustles in the trees.


Photographed by the fantastic Cecelina Photography, this Italian-inspired styled shoot was dreamed up by Belle and Beau Photography and Naomi Kenton for their A Beautiful Way Workshop this Summer. The rustic details of Almonry Barn in Somerset gives a hint of destination weddings, particularly in Italy with its gardens, great light and fresh food. Soft colours and the wedding dress made specifically for this shoot by Lady Evelyn gives a touch of softness and luxury, interpreted in this fine art photography. The Rose Shed created the rustic flowers with ribbon from Lancaster And Cornish and the styling team created two different looks for Olivia in her beautiful grey wedding dress.



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