Weddings abroad are growing in popularity every year – and with guaranteed sunshine and the chance to slash the budget, we can see why! We caught up with real-life couple Tania and Kyle from New Zealand who married in Tuscany with the help of planners extraordinare Bestweddingaway.


After deciding to elope, Tania and Kyle got married in Montepulciano in Tuscany on the 16th July. Their family thought the couple were just on a holiday travelling around Europe – until they came home as husband and wife!

Let’s find out a little more about their amazing story…

Why did you choose a wedding abroad?

Coming from a city that suffered a series of major earthquakes almost three years ago, the majority of the churches and heritage buildings have been badly damaged, and the city centre remains uninhabited. Finding a wedding venue was always going to be a challenge. When we really started to dream of the possible places that would make our day unforgettable, we found it hard to think of anywhere more romantic than Tuscany in summer. And so we started our search for a wedding organizer that could make our dreams a possibility – for which Bestweddingaway exceeded expectations!

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What was the best thing about it?

A beautiful setting, with the day’s itinerary organised to perfection from our wedding planner Bestweddingaway. Having shared our wishes for a picturesque and intimate setting, the team at Best Wedding Away suggested Montepulciano. This small medieval town on the top of a hill proved to be exactly what we had envisioned, and with the expert services of photographer Andrea Pitti we took away some stunning memories to share with family and friends.

What problems did you experience?

Deciding what pastry to have at breakfast! Seriously, it was so stress-free that we would recommend the experience to anyone. After sharing our preferences for the day, the details were taken care of without any problems. Bestweddingaway organized a hairdresser and a make-up artist, the delivery of my bouquet and the buttonhole for Kyle at the hotel, as well as booking the restaurant for us. We didn’t have to do anything except enjoy our big day!


Were you worried about the weather?

No. And thankfully we weren’t proven naive, with a beautiful hot, blue-sky day!

What was your dress like? Who made it? What details did it have?

This was purchased at home in Christchurch from Brides of Merivale, and travelled in a suitcase with us for three weeks before our big day. With this in mind the dress had certain requirements; needing to have a straight simple skirt so as to not take up too much room, and be of a material that would travel well. The fitted bodice and straight skirt were embellished with beads and dressed up with a flower detailed satin sash.


How did you personalise your wedding abroad?

Given it was just the two of us, it was simply about celebrating the day together as a couple in a relaxed and romantic setting.

Would you recommend a wedding abroad to other brides?

Absolutely!! Being removed from the busy atmosphere of our everyday lives was simply the best way to ensure the day was just about us.


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