Love Island has played host to more than a few girlfriend proposals and romantic gestures over the last few series. But did Kem create the perfect proposal scenario? And how about about Jamie’s birthday message toast for Camilla?

Last night saw Calvin Klein model Jamie whip up a birthday breakfast for Camilla in the oh-so romantic form of toast. Yes, toast. And not just any toast – it was avocado toast.

This culinary creation took inspiration from the childhood favourite, spaghetti letters, as Jamie carefully cut up the toast to spell a birthday message for Camilla. While Love Island have dubbed it “the cutest bday breakfast ever”, we’re not quite so convinced, although the avocados are definitely a redeeming factor!

How would you feel if your other half surprised you with a message made out of toast? Would the topping seal the deal?

Let’s hope not too many men take this as their proposal inspiration… Because, while obviously nothing could say romance like letters made from toast, we don’t think we’re alone in wanting something a little sparklier…

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Jamie surprised Camilla on Love Island with a birthday toast message, but how would you feel if you had a toast message for your proposal?!
Camilla’s birthday got off to a shining start when love interest Jamie surprised her with a birthday breakfast… avocado toast that wished her happy birthday! We don’t know whether it’s more cute or more cringe… Image credit: Instagram @LoveIsland


Next, we’d like to draw your attention to the moment that Kem asked Amber to be his girlfriend. Before new Islander Georgia arrived to break things up (on paper) at least…

Kem popped the all-important, “will you be my girlfriend?”, question one evening in the villa. His masterplan, on the other hand, required the afternoon and all the boys’ help to make it happen!


When Kem popped the girlfriend question to Amber on Love Island, he inspired many would-be grooms around the UK to do the same. But would you like it?
Kem and Amber look more loved-up than ever after they made their relationship official. Image credit: Instagram @LoveIsland


While Amber got dolled up for the evening with the other girls upstairs, Kem and the boys busy putting the Love Island girlfriend proposal into motion. It all started by Kem sending a chain of text messages to multiple mobile phones. The boys then placed these strategically throughout the villa, treasure hunt style, at sentimental spots for the couple.

We even witnessed the boys try their hand at flower arranging to decorate each phone. Nothing says romance like a mobile and a flower, right?

Once the set-up was complete, Amber received a text herself, instructing her to come outside and to continue reading the messages. Each text had a clue to the location of where she’d find the next, as well as a sentimental note.

Amber followed this romantic trail to the final message, when Kem appeared and popped the question, asking Amber to be his girlfriend. The fellow boys and girls in the villa kept their distance to give the two an intimate moment, but it was still overlooked – both by the fellow Islanders and by the viewers at home!

So, the question is, do you think Kem’s girlfriend proposal to Amber on Love Island was super sweet, way too public or just plain cringy? The verdict’s out here at Wedding Ideas HQ, so we’ll leave the decision to you!


What do you think of Kem’s girlfriend proposal to Amber on Love Island?