For seasoned travellers Sophie and Chris there was only one possible location when it came to their honeymoon… New York! Are you thinking of a chic break in the city? Buy Our Honeymoon could help! Read on to find out how…


Where did you go, and why?

New York City! We’ve had a lot of holidays (all our table names at our wedding were named after the holidays we’ve been on since we got together!), but they’ve all been short-haul ones, never any further that Egypt or Turkey.

At the start of 2011 we both decided that we wanted to create a list of 101 things we would like to complete in 1001 days. One of my big ones was to set a date for the wedding, as we’d been engaged for so long, and one of Chris’ was to visit North America. We managed to tick both of these off in one go!

Neither of us had ever been to New York before, and everyone we know who has been there has raved about it, and gone on numerous occasions. There is so much to do in New York that you’d never be bored, so it would be a perfect place to start married life — plenty to see, plenty of good food, views and entertainment!

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What did you do there?

What didn’t we do?! We started with wandering around Times Square on the first evening, exhausted from the long flight, and only hungry enough for an obligatory hot dog! We stayed on Staten Island for most of the time, and we never quite got the hang of the ferries back at night, often either having to wait an hour for the next one, or running like mad men to make it with only seconds to spare!

We had a carriage ride round Central Park, visited Magnolia Bakery in Bloomingdales, saw Matilda on Broadway, followed by a chateaubriand for two and cocktails at Keen’s Steak House.

We went on the 9/11 walking tour, visited the Guggenheim museum, took an audio tour around Grand Central Station, saw a Mets baseball game, and went up the Empire State Building at midnight, not to mention visiting the Statue of Liberty, the New York Public Library and spending a night’s stay at the Waldorf Astoria! A lot of things to do in only four short days!




What was your most romantic moment?

Looking out over the incredible New York skyline, lit up at night, from the Empire State Building, after an amazing day exploring the city. It truly is a beautiful place, particularly at night.


It’s great for honeymoons because…

There’s an endless amount of things you can do in New York, no matter what you are interested in, how much time you’ve got, or how much money you have to spend. There is always something to do. It’s a magical city.


Why did you use Buy Our Honeymoon?

We’ve lived together for so long that we didn’t want or need even toasters or three kettles! I’d found Buy Our Honeymoon on a wedding planning forum I’d been looking at, and thought it was an amazing idea. We love our holidays, and this would be a holiday of a lifetime.

Using Buy Our Honeymoon gave us the opportunity to do so much more than we would have previously been able to do, as all our family and friends were so generous. And for those bigger items on the list (like the night at the Waldorf Astoria) we were able to split the cost down to more manageable portions so that our friends and family could contribute to the gift if they couldn’t afford the whole thing.

The website was so easy to use, and we were able to update it and add things to it when we realised our guests were more generous than we had first anticipated! It’s lovely to still be able to look back on our site, even after the honeymoon is over.

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