Whilst you may have a new found fitness motivation for the New Year New You, staying focused and building upon your goals isn’t always easy if you find yourself working out alone. Well…we have a solution that will keep you AND your relationship healthy in more ways than one!

Proven to boost productivity and motivation, working with a buddy and has shown a new lease of life for many fit couples including the likes of Made In Chelsea star Louise Thompson and personal trainer boyfriend, Ryan Libbey who have taken the fitness Insta-scene by storm with snaps and workout videos in tandem.

There are a number of reasons why this could do wonders for your love life… Not only will it increase your quality time together outside of work but the feel good hormone serotonin, induced during exercise will see you associating this couples quality time to be a positive experience that will build upon a deeper bond. As well as reduced stress levels and increased libido, couples that regularly work out together have reportedly better and more frequent sex with their partners…so what are you waiting for?!


I N S T A G R A M :  Louise Thompson

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Whilst working out in sync will provide the motivation, plus a little healthy competition is always good…the concept involves using the body weight of the other person to tailor a workout that will test both, regardless of their own personal fitness levels and goals.

Two types of training will see you both achieving your goals, enjoying some down time and even getting to know another side of your partner!

The first of which will involve single routines completed together at the gym or at home, the support of your partner will ensure you are working out correctly and safely whilst a little praise from one another is one of the best motivators for consistency.


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Other slightly advanced exercises where each person works against the others body weight will target similar or different areas of the body for each person depending on their movement. Couples exercises including alternating box jumps, partner push up, kneeling partner twist, wheelbarrow push up squat are just a few of the combinations that you can factor into regular workouts with your one, that will have you feeling the burn and the love!


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