Are you planning on losing weight for the big day? Read how real bride Nicky and her friend Rachel did it and let their stories inspire your own slimming success…

Nicky before her weightloss

“It was February 2011 and I had recently booked my wedding in Cyprus for October that year,” explains real bride Nicky. “I was very excited about my beach wedding and really set my heart on a short fitted dress, as I knew it was going to be quite hot.”

“After hours of research and visiting many wedding dress shops, I finally found my perfect gown. But there was a problem. I only just fitted into the size 14-16. This made me feel very unhappy and not confident at all. Not the way I wanted to feel for my special day.”

“When I left the wedding boutique that day, I told the owner that I was going to be a size 10 when I came back for my fitting in three months’ time. She just smiled as if she had heard it all before. Noticing this kick-started my motivation so I now had a goal and was determined to get there!”

“Like all brides I researched lots of diets online but didn’t find one that suited my busy lifestyle, especially working full time with a young child. All the information out there just confused me even more. So many different diets, so many conflicting opinions – it was a minefield.”

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Nicky was eating far too many takeaways, comfort eating and getting more and more depressed about her weight. “I couldn’t decide which diet plan to follow so I decided to create my own diet plan suitable for a modern, busy bride-to-be.”

Nicky at her wedding in Cyprus

“The diet consists of a 12-week plan within which I structured breakfast, lunch and dinner including treats and rewards. Because of the way I had put this plan together I found it easy to stick to. Staggeringly after just seven days, I’d lost 9lb! Now I knew this was the real deal and I was in the zone, I had the right mindset to continue and, most importantly, the belief I could achieve my goal.”

“Then after 12 weeks of following my own structured plan I had lost an amazing 36lbs! Having achieved my goal I felt amazing and brimming with confidence, I walked back into the wedding dress shop for and had to be refitted to a size 8-10. My dream had come true, my hard work had paid off and it only took three months to achieve!”

Rachel before her weightloss

“After my wedding a friend and I were talking about weight loss and how I managed to lose so much weight for my wedding. She was really keen to lose weight, too, and like me, had tried many other diets none of which had worked.”

“So I wrote down my 12-week plan and encouraged her to get weighed. Rachel weighed 12 stone and after just 8 weeks of using my plan she lost 28lbs.”

Rachel lost 28lbs on the diet plan

“After trying the plan, Rachel could see the benefit for other brides trying the diet plan for themselves. She wanted them to feel as fantastic as I did and decided to create The Wedding Dress Diet Plan.”

The plan consists of a 50-page e-book, a list of suitable foods, a sample 7-day meal planner, top motivational tips and much more. Why not try it for yourself? There’s even a full money-back guarantee so there’s really nothing to lose – except your extra weight!

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