lose-weight-in-3-monthsPersonal trainer Libby Smith and wedding ideas reveal a simple plan to help you lose weight for a wedding in 3 months and get your bridal body big-day ready!

Month One

Lose it!

You’ve decided it’s time to get your body in shape and you’ve got to lose weight for a wedding in 3 months, the first week of training is all about fighting the flab! You will need to exercise three times a week. Two of your sessions should include 40-minute strength circuit training (two sets each of 15 reps) to tone your chest, back, legs, glutes and shoulders. Follow this with 20 minutes of cardio intervals, plus 45 steady minutes of any cardio activity of your choice. You should notice results by the end of the fourth week.

Month Two

Tone it!

Step up your exercise to four times a week, doing three sets of 10 reps when doing weights and increasing the weight so you feel the burn! On the first day, target your chest and legs with 40 minutes of strength training and 20 minutes of steady cardio. On day two, do 40 minutes of cardio intervals. On day three, blitz back, glutes and shoulders for 40 minutes, then 20 minutes of steady cardio. And on day four, do 40 minutes of cardio intervals then work on your abs for
10 minutes.

Month Three

Blitz it!

As your wedding gets closer, you should be exercising five times a week and upping your strength training to three sets of 20 reps.  On days one and three, you should do an hour’s plyometrics (high-intensity exercises to burn body fat) and core exercises. On days two and four, do 40 minutes of steady cardio followed by 20 minutes of work on target areas. On day five, try 30 minutes of cardio intervals. Continue this process in the following weeks and you’ll soon have your best body ever!

5 top tips on what to eat

  1. Increase your water intake to eight glasses a day – rehydration is key for glowing, clear bridal skin.
  2. Replace refined carbs like pasta, rice and bread with whole grains, fruit and vegetables. Avoiding excess sugar intake will reduce bloating, and healthier carbs will sustain energy and stop you feeling hungry.
  3. Increase your protein intake, eating lean meats, fish and pulses. This will keep you feeling full so you don’t feel tempted to binge on sugary snacks.
  4. Eat five small meals a day. Aim for 40% carbs, 30% protein and 30% fats for optimum balance.
  5. Try to avoid eating larger, heavier meals after 8pm.
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