Friends Nicola and Rachel lost 64lbs between them after following The Wedding Dress Diet Plan and you could, too! Read on for their top slimming tips for getting – and staying – in shape for the big day and to see what effect this new diet plan has had on their lives.

Nicky Before

“Like all brides I researched lots of diets online but didn’t find one that suited my busy lifestyle, especially working full time with a young child,” says Nicky. “All the information out there just confused me even more. So many different diets, so many conflicting opinions – it was a minefield.”

Nicky After

That’s when Nicky decided to create her own diet plan, that fitted in with her busy lifestyle. It’s made up of a 12-week plan which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner plus treats and rewards along the way. You also get a 50-page e-book, lists of suitable foods, a sample 7-day meal planner, motivational tips and more.

Rachel Before

After 12 weeks following the plan, Nicky dropped an incredible 36lbs! “Having achieved my goal I felt amazing and brimming with confidence,” she adds. “My hard work had paid off and it only took three months to achieve!” And it didn’t just stop there. Nicky’s friend Rachel saw her dramatic weightloss and wanted to slim down herself.

Rachel After

“I wrote down my 12-week plan for her and encouraged her to get weighed,” explains Nicky. “Rachel weighed 12 stone before starting the plan and after just 8 weeks following my instructions lost 28lbs.”

Nicky’s 7 simple slimming tips

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Take a before photo of yourself upon starting your challenge and stick this on your fridge. Every time you open the fridge take a look and remember why you put that there. Just think about that perfect dress and the day and that will help keep you motivated.


Try porridge for breakfast or lunch. Not only can you get some great tasting flavours, this will keep you fuller for longer. All of the foods used in the plan can be purchased from your local supermarket – no expensive health foods here!

Eat slowly and try to enjoy every mouthful. When you concentrate on the food you’re eating, the flavour and enjoyment will be so much more intense, you will find yourself more full and satisfied.

Invest in some digital scales to see small weight losses, which will help keep you in the slimming zone. Also, try to diet with a friend to help keep you motivated. It will also help to fill in the personalised daily diary that comes with the plan. This way you can track what you’re eating on every day of the 12 weeks.

If you fancy the occasional glass of wine, go for a dry white, which has fewer calories. Mix it with diet lemonade to make it last longer. The diet plan also includes lots of other top tips and motivational advice, so check it out!


Want a quick low-calorie meal? Try a Prawn or Chicken Stir fry. Replace the noodles for extra vegetables. Proteins like chicken and prawns will help keep you full up through-out the day. The Wedding Dress Diet Plan includes a handy 7-day meal planner so you can pre-plan all the protein for the week and quick and easy recipes even the busiest bride-to-be can try.

Try Lindt dark chocolate for an intense chocolate hit at only 40 calories approx per square. One square is enough for a sweet tooth and it will stop you reaching for the whole bar.

A diet where chocolate isn’t banned? We’re in! Read more about Nicky and Rachel’s real-life slimming success here or to try the plan for yourself, check out their website and start slimming today.


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