Look good and feel great for your big day with these fab tips to lose weight and get fit for your wedding…


Hot yoga

Practising yoga in the heat burns calories and helps you lose weight for your wedding. It sculpts the body and is amazing for your skin. It’s not all about gentle stretching, it also strengthens the body and helps all those lovely muscles tone up in a beautiful, elegant way – perfect if you’ve got a strapless wedding dress!

Spinning classes

If you commute to work, why not switch from four wheels to two? Cycling is a great calorie burner, plus it’ll get your legs and bum in shape for the big day – great for you to look amazing in your wedding dress! Better still, spinning classes are held in most gyms or at specialist studios. Fitness12 also run a women-only cycle retreat.


Boxing can help channel all the stress that comes with organising a wedding, it’s also a great way to get fit and lose weight! Most commercial gyms now offer classes, and for Londoners, there’s Girls in Gloves – boxing training for ladies only! Official martial arts centres will also have a range of options to suit your taste and budget.

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Weight training

Weight training doesn’t make women beefy, it only makes them leaner! A perfect idea to look fab in your dress! A regular weight training programme combined with some interval training, is the best way to trim down, because it builds muscle and burns fat. Ask a trainer at your gym or join a weightlifting club for more.

Enter an event

Having something to aim for helps to keep motivation high while you get fit for your wedding. The She Active every woman series is a range of duathlons, aquathons and trail runs designed for women of all shapes and sizes. A great bonding experience for b2bs and their hens, in a range of locations.

Entering an event and kickboxing are great ways to set new goals as well as help losing weight. Have you taken up any hobbies to help you lose weight before your big day?