Lorraine lost 17 inches from her waist, just in time for her big day. She talks to use about her slimming success…

Lorraine-Killen-BeforeEvery bride-to-be wants to be a princess on their big day, but Lorraine Killen almost gave up on the idea after her weight got out of control. But thanks to a lot of hard work and the help of Slimming World, Lorraine’s dreams came true when she lost 5st in time for her wedding! Here’s her story…

Lorraine, 28, was over the moon when she got engaged, but her weight issues turned her excitement to worry. “The thought of being centre stage, in a dress, made me want to run away and hide!” she says.

Lorraine was the heaviest she’d ever been after the birth of her second daughter – she could barely squeeze into a size 20. So, with just eight months until her big day, Lorraine decided to join her local Slimming World group in Kempston. She couldn’t believe it when she lost a stone in the first six weeks by following the club’s famous Food Optimising eating plan.

“I was never hungry. The Extra Easy plan gave me loads of recipe ideas for healthy family favourites like spaghetti bolognaise, cottage pie, and fish and chips, so I didn’t feel like I was being deprived at all! And because I was feeling full, I wasn’t picking at crisps and chocolate, either,” she says. The Monday before her wedding, Lorraine weighed in at her group and discovered she’d lost an amazing 5st in just eight months. She couldn’t wait to walk down the aisle.

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“I truly felt like a princess,” she smiles. “Before I lost weight I would always hide or delete photographs of myself – but not my wedding pictures, I couldn’t wait to show them off when they arrived!”

Lorraine’s journey didn’t stop there. Since her wedding, she’s lost another three stone and a total of 17 inches from her waist – incredible! Now a happy and healthy size 10, she’s trained as a Slimming World Consultant and opened her own group in Bedford, so she can help other brides-to-be achieve their weightloss dreams.


Lorraine’s top dieting tips

Don’t deprive yourself

“I enjoy big meals but they’re cooked healthily and I always have my five a day. I still make sure I enjoy a chocolate bar or a glass of wine, too.”

Set yourself a goal

“Losing weight for my wedding was such great motivation. Walking into the church and hearing everyone gasp was a moment I’ll never forget.”

Join a group

“My Slimming World group were so supportive throughout my weightloss journey and I couldn’t wait to come back
to show them all my wedding photos.

As a Consultant myself, I always show people my ‘before’ shots.”

Get your family and friends behind you

“My family and friends were brilliant and James says my 5st weightloss certificate was the best wedding present ever!”

Remember how far you’ve come

“When I was looking at some old photos with my daughter Beth, who’s five, she didn’t know who the lady in the pictures was and I had to tell her it was me! I hadn’t quite realised how well I had done up until that moment.”

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