Doing your own make-up for your wedding? Beauty expert Emily Berryman reveals the dos and don’ts of looking picture perfect – no make-up artist required…

Do start with skincare

Parched, dehydrated skin is harder to conceal than any spot or blemish, so glug water like a bride possessed and vow to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Silky-skinned Michelle Keegan is a fan of Lait-Crème Concentre, £20, from cult French brand Embryolisse. We also hear models use this gorgeous goop as a quick-fix radiance mask. And we do love a product that multitasks…


Don’t overdo the concealer

While most of us are married to highlighting concealers to help pep up sleep-deprived peepers, the overzealous use of these clicky little pens is also responsible for one of the biggest bridal beauty blunders – reverse panda eye! Why? Because the light-reflecting particles used in these beauties work to ‘bounce’ the camera’s flash off the skin, leaving the under-eye area looking much lighter than the rest of the face.  Our tip? Use one (we like Estee Lauder Double Wear Brush-On-Glow Highlighter, £23.50, but use sparingly!


Do go waterproof

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You may regularly make it through Surprise Surprise without blubbing – but news just in – you WILL shed a few tears during your wedding day. Not keen on the Monster High look? Start by trading your usual lash lengthener for a good waterproof variety like Stila Stay All Day Lash Mascara, £15. Oh, and while you are at it, best get one for your lovely mum too.


Don’t forget primer

Think the beauty industry’s influx of primers is just another clever way to get you to part with your cash? Think again! Smoothing on a layer of primer – after your moisturiser but before your foundation – is the secret to keeping your make-up looking fresh from ceremony right through to your first dance. Our favourite is Lancôme La Base Pro Primer, £28.50, which adds a lovely radiance to the skin too.


Do keep it classic

You may crave all things cutting edge and current, but save yourself from cringing over wedding snaps in years to come by keeping your palate neutral and timeless. Confused by colour? Warm nutty tones look beautiful on all eye colours (Clinique All About Shadows Quad in Teddy Bear, £28, is a bridal staple) and for goodness sake, do save the glitter for the Christmas tree.


Don’t over powder

Face powder may be important for setting your make-up and keeping shine at bay, but be warned that being heavy handed can leave you looking like a dusty old corpse. Keep your finish flawless, not flaky, by plumping for loose formulations rather than pressed – and give that brush a tap before applying to prevent yourself using too much. NYX HD Finishing Powder, £10, looks ghoulishly white but works fabulously on every skin tone.


Do ace your base

One of the most important beauty products you will ever buy – get your base bang on and you will look naturally gorgeous. Get it wrong, and you will look like you are wearing a mask. Safeguard against frightening foundation by taking a hand mirror with you when you hit the shops – the right shade should vanish into your skin when you check it in daylight – and then apply in thin layers only where needed. Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick, £29, is available in 24 shades and never lets us down.


Do check in natural daylight

Ropey hotel lighting can make even expertly applied make-up look a bit pantomime once you step out into natural daylight, so ALWAYS do your slap sitting next to a window to see how you really look. Love a gadget? Check out simplehuman Sensor Mirror, £149.99, which geniusly simulates natural sunlight wherever you are; making foundation tide marks and blotchy blusher a thing of the past.


Don’t forget to smile

Finally, remember that while mastering professional-standard makeup will give you a confidence boost before hitting that aisle, what your friends and family really want to see is you enjoying your day and SMILING! And there’s no need to splurge on expensive whitening treatments either – simply using a whitening toothpaste such as Pearl drops Instant White 4D, £3.99, twice a day in the run-up to your nuptials can make a big difference. Just lay off the merlot and black coffee!



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