Congratulations, you’ve just got engaged! Now’s the time to sort out your bridal beauty regime and organise your six month plan of attack, so you can look your best in your big day photographs.

wedding beauty regime

Six months…

This is the time to start looking at your diet, your exercise regime and your skincare.

“If you’ve never had a manicure this is a good time to start visiting a nail bar regularly,” says Joyce Connor from Brides and Beauty. “Everyone will want to see your ring and you’re going to want your hands to look amazing in your photographs.”

Do you bite your nails? Think of your wedding photographs, you don’t want bitten paws in your shots and you don’t want to hide your hands all day either. Book a manicure in any get your nails and cuticles tidied up, this will give you an incentive not to chew. Once your nails are longer you can have a shellac or gel manicure with coloured polish which will make your nails more difficult to bite and will protect them.

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If you’re looking to get fit and lose weight ahead of your wedding day then this is the perfect time to join a gym, an exercise class or start swimming regularly.

Now’s the time to start eating more healthily, whether it’s just cutting out booze during the week. Stay away from the chocolate and biscuits, reduce the carb intake and follow a calorie-controlled diet. In six months’ time you’ll be leaner, fitter and look amazing in your pictures.

Five months…

Visit a skin professional, have a skin consultation and start a skincare routine that suits you. Book a series of facials but make sure you don’t have any two weeks before your wedding day.

Keep having manicures and keep up the weight loss regime. If you’re dieting, try on clothes that didn’t fit you a month before and enjoy feeling how much looser they’ve become.

Try and make it a habit to drink water at your desk instead of tea and coffee.

Four months…

Joyce Connor advises that you should have a trial with your make-up artist, remember you’re going to have to book well in advance if you’re having your make-up done professionally on your wedding day. She also recommends that you should be using an eye cream daily.

You should consider having your eyebrows shaped professionally – these will frame your face and make all the difference to your bridal make up.

Two to three months…

Have a hair and make-up rehearsal with your hairdresser and make-up artist to make sure you’re happy with your look.

If you’ve never had a spray tan before then try one out now. If you have an allergic reaction your skin will have plenty of time to calm down before the wedding.

One month before…

“Wear an SPF on your face daily to protect your skin,” advises Joyce from Brides and Beauty. “Keep your shoulders covered in the sun if you’re wearing a strapless wedding dress because strap marks are difficult to hide.”

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A week to go…

Don’t have a facial. Your skin will need a fortnight to settle down after a facial so nothing last minute please. Also, avoid having a cut and colour this close to your wedding.

If you’re having a fake tan, have this a few days before your wedding day so it’s settled down and won’t rub onto your wedding dress. It’s helpful to see your make-up artist after your tan to see if they need to make any adjustments to your skin tone.

Book your last manicure a day or two before your wedding day. Shellac nail polish is good and long-lasting and stays put for about a fortnight, so get those nails and toes looking pretty for your big day and your honeymoon. Also, look at getting your eyebrows tidied up.

The big day!

It’s the big day and everything else should already be in place. Let the professionals work their magic and just relax and enjoy your day. Remember the best beauty look is a relaxed, happy and smiling face. You can’t change your beauty regime now – so enjoy!