As one of the most significant milestones in our lifetime you will feel on top of the world on your wedding day and particularly for brides, to look and feel your best will allow your confidence to shine through. Having understood how important it is to all blushing brides (and grooms even!) to feel a bit more confident and a little less conscious in the limelight, personal trainers, Steven and Sam at made it their mission to be able to offer a tailored and totally guided online training programme through their own managed app to help you tone up, get in shape and even write your shopping list for you! – for a healthier happier glow to take you down the aisle! Steven Gardiner explains how their online training programme can achieve effective and realistic results and can be easily integrated into the most busy schedule!


After getting married two years ago I saw how much feeling incredible meant to my wife on our big day. She wanted to make sure that nothing would make her feel self-conscious on our wedding day. Having worked in the fitness industry for nearly ten years I wanted to help. This was no mean feat as telling your partner what to do doesn’t always go down well. We started small and slowly made progressions through exercise and nutrition to create a lifestyle that was manageable and still allowed for treats and naughty foods. This was the calling card to start a new business!


At we want to help people feel great, breaking down barriers and working around individual needs. Why should there be restrictions? Why do people feel if they don’t go to the gym they can’t get the body they want and gain the confidence they deserve? We totally understand the effects of a busy lifestyle and offering a monthly support package allows us to provide everything needed to get results.

The fact is a gym membership isn’t always the answer to hitting those weight loss goals. There is nothing stopping someone carrying out a 20 minute workout at home, in the back garden or during a lunch break. They just need the support and education to maintain good habits through exercise and nutrition. Using an app we have instant access to client data, workouts, progressions and instant messenger to motivate them when they need it. It’s like a personal trainer in your pocket!

Managing the business online allows us to provide affordability to our clients. We can give extremely high levels of support and progressive programmes for a fraction of the cost of 1 to 1 personal training. What allows this to work is how we handle our clients, encouraging  them to believe they will get the results they want and being there for them every step of the way on that journey leading up to the big day.


Working with brides and wedding parties appealed to us for the fact they are motivated and driven. They have a goal (date) in mind to work towards and we can help them achieve this with a tailored and guided plan. There’s nothing better than seeing a beautiful bride walking confidently down the aisle and it gives us great pleasure to support them achieving this!

Whether its a year or a couple of months until your wedding, if you would like to find out more about how the experienced team behind can help prepare you for looking your best and exude in confidence on your special day, choose your plan, get going and thesecretpt will help with the rest!

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