Think of your wedding ceremony music as the soundtrack to a romantic film. The right ceremony music will take all of the wonderful emotions you’re feeling and multiply them by one hundred.

And for truly atmospheric, almost overwhelmingly romantic ceremony music? Make your choice of musicians and have them play live. You can’t put a price on the feelings that their music will heighten. Whether it reduces your groom to happy tears as he sees you step down the aisle, whether it gives you your fairytale, film-worthy moment, or has your grandad reaching for the tissues, choosing the perfect live wedding ceremony music is a must.


Just like movies are made by their soundtracks, so will your wedding be. Live wedding ceremony music will heighten all those amazing emotions!



From traditional pianists and violinists to harpists, the options for live wedding ceremony music abounds. If you want an emotive but gentle soundtrack to your aisle moment, choosing one of these will work beautifully – it simply depends on whether you prefer the tinkling tunes of keys or strings. When you plan to play each song also makes a difference, so make sure you know what to play and when to play it.

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For a similarly fairytale-esque option but with a fuller sound, enlist the help of a string quartet to play for you. Formed of two violins, a viola and a cellist, this is one of the most romantic sounds you could listen to.

Couples looking to create an even bigger impact could turn to a choir, whether they offer a classical chorus or a soulful, upbeat rendition – whatever suits you and your day. Equally, don’t be afraid to go for live wedding ceremony music that is more lively – quirkier couples will love a group of ukuleles or even folk singers!


Just like movies are made by their soundtracks, so will your wedding be. Live wedding ceremony music will heighten all those amazing emotions!



Given sufficient time to practice and learn beforehand, many live musicians will be more than willing to learn your choice of music. Yes, you absolutely can still walk down the aisle to Ed Sheeran, even if Ed Sheeran isn’t in the room himself (but you could always try one of these 12 perfect songs instead!)

It’s a good idea to listen to your chosen musicians repertoire beforehand to see if they play the genres and songs you like. Better yet, why not see if you can see them perform live before the big day? This will help to make sure your chosen musicians are the best match for your big day.

And when you’re requesting songs, remember to mix things up to change the ambiance. Something soft, soothing and romantic while guests are seated will set the tone without adding to the groom’s nerves. Then step things up as the bridal party begin to enter – Pachelbel’s Canon is a timeless option loved by many couples for this moment (it’s almost guaranteed to have you in tears!). You’ll also want to choose songs for your signing of the register and recessional when you walk back up the aisle as newlyweds!


Just like movies are made by their soundtracks, so will your wedding be. Live wedding ceremony music will heighten all those amazing emotions!



  • Your venue
    As with all parts of your wedding day, you want them to blend effortlessly in with your surroundings, be that a church, barn, country house or even a field! More traditional options for live wedding ceremony music will be best for churches and country houses – think harpists and string quartets – while rustic, bohemian and beach weddings might suit something a little quirkier.
  • Songs you want
    If you have your heart set on your chosen musicians playing certain songs, make sure you like how they sound when played specifically with these instruments.
  • Flexibility
    Do you want your musicians to help string your day together by playing during both the ceremony and drinks reception afterwards? Then let this influence your choices, opting for musical set ups that are portable (keyboards rather than grand pianos, perhaps). You’ll also want to brief the musicians on where any equipment or sockets they might require can be found so that they can swap position seamlessly without disturbing you or the groom.
  • If in doubt, follow these do’s and don’ts of choosing your wedding ceremony music and you’ll be pitch perfect in no time.


Will you be having live wedding ceremony music? What will you choose?