Live wedding band

The team at Bands for Hire reveal the reasons you should hire a live wedding band for your special celebration

The music at your wedding has got to be personal to you as a couple, but it also needs to appeal to a wide range of guests. The best way to tick each of these boxes and more is to find yourself a fantastic live wedding band – here’s why!

The unmatched atmosphere

Even if you’ve hired a top local DJ who’s spinning your all-time favourite records through top-of-the-range equipment, the sounds you’ll be hearing and the feelings you’ll be experiencing won’t come close to those you’ll get with a top live band.

The energy and presence of a live performance won’t just blend into the background like prerecorded music – you and your guests will be able to feel the electricity in the air. Even if it’s not your preferred style of music, the atmosphere at a live gig is always one of excitement.

The unparalleled choice

Speaking of preferred styles, your chances of finding a live wedding band that specialises in your favourite genre are far greater than your chances of finding a DJ who can offer the same thing. It won’t take you long to find widely recommended ceilidh bands, pop covers bands, rock bands, Mariachi band and even tribute bands with wedding experience who are right in your price range.

While an iPod playlist composed of nothing but Queen songs may get a little boring for your guests, a live Queen tribute band is a different story – particularly if they’re fronted by a decent Freddie Mercury impersonator.

It’s also easier than you’d think to hire live classical music for your wedding. Don’t worry, you don’t have to fork out for a full philharmonic orchestra – you can hire a string quartet, a harpist, a pianist or a combination and still treat your guests to some elegant sounds.

The undeniable crowd pleasing

There’s nothing like a decent live band to get people up out of their seats and down to the dancefloor. Professional wedding bands know how to read a room – they’ll pick up on what your guests respond to the best, whether that’s louder, softer, quicker or slower tunes.

Live wedding band

Everyone from a hyperactive nephew to a barely active grandmother can appreciate a good beat, and everyone from an overemotional auntie to a moody teenage cousin loves a good sing-song. Live bands can also gauge how much to interact with their audience – if the room’s really lively, you could end up with a few calls and responses, some witty back and forth, and some synchronised dance moves.

The unabashed romance

Live music is very instantaneous, very fleeting, and very personal. With a setting like a wedding, where emotions are already running high, all it takes is a special dedication to a loved one and have a song sung just for them. It’s more effective than any Valentine’s Day card – and the perfect soundtrack for key events, like your first dance.

Your first steps together as a married couple will be something you’ll cherish for the rest of you lives, so it’s only right that they should be taken to your favourite song – and with a live wedding band, it’s being played especially for you. What’s more, if you’re at all nervous about dancing in front of all your other guests, you’re not alone – the band will be up there with you, and will get everyone else involved immediately after your first dance finishes.

The unbeatable repertoire

While it’s true that a DJ will have their whole record collection (or, in this modern age, the whole internet) at their disposal, that doesn’t necessarily give them an advantage over a live wedding band. After all, a DJ won’t have time to play every single song at your wedding, so it’s far more practical instead to carefully select the songs you want to be played.

A professional wedding band will work closely with you in the months leading up to your wedding, and will do their utmost to learn each of your requests, resulting in a formidable set list custom-made for your enjoyment.

The unstoppable possibilities

Your wedding band doesn’t have to only play at your wedding reception. If you’ve hired them for the day, you can ask them to play whenever you want, or even hire other musicians to highlight specific points of the ceremony.

Instead of the standard organ music, you could walk down the aisle to a brass band, a harpist, a steel drummer – the only limit is your imagination. You can also have your wedding band or musician play at your wedding breakfast, at your champagne or cocktail reception, or even to welcome your guests to your venue and play them out after the knot’s been tied.

These are just a few of the reasons for hiring a wedding band for your special day – don’t just take our word for it, make it happen! To find out more, visit

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