As the variety in flowers grows, so do the possibilities with your wedding flowers and bouquets. And to cater for those of you that may have seen the perfect flower but wouldn’t have a clue in the name of it, let alone where you might source them or whether they are in season when you tie the knot! – Like That Garden is the number one flower identification app, allowing you to find out what any flower is simply by taking a photo of it.

It is the perfect tool for couples on the hunt for their perfect wedding flowers, as it enables you to identify any flowers they see, whether it be on the TV or in the garden or out and about in every day life.


Simply… centre the flower with the camera via the app and watch Like That garden find your flower match! You can then confirm your choice and even map where you found it!


Powered by JustVisual’s deep learning search platform Like That Garden allows you to…

Identify a flower simply by photographing it

Read all there is to know about your discovered flower

Record the location See other plants the of users have found near you

Zoom out and see plants found around the world

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