The great thing about being able to add any item from any retailer to your wedding gift list is that lots of you do. Some even see it as a challenge! Here, Annie Stiles who heads up personal shopping at Prezola shares a few weird wedding gift lists…


Leather rhinos

These fabulous footstools don’t come cheap at around £300, but after featuring one on Facebook last year we’ve been inundated with requests for Omersa’s animals. They do a hippo, too!


Tattoo vouchers

We were pretty surprised when one couple asked for vouchers from their local tattoo parlour to be added to their wedding gift list. We were even more surprised when they were the first thing to sell out!

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Aston Martin Vantage

We thought we were managing Jordan’s latest wedding when ‘Kate from Essex’ added an Aston Martin to her gift list. Sadly it was never purchased and so we didn’t get to give it a spin around the warehouse. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of ambition (or humour) with your wedding gift list!


Your very own tree

You’d be amazed how popular these are and we had to change our delivery terms and conditions last year after an eight foot Japanese Maple arrived at Prezola HQ. Very romantic to plant a tree in memory of your wedding day and we’re more than happy to oblige. We just like to have them delivered directly to you now!


Matching flippers

Our honeymoon fund is unique in that couples can add specific honeymoon elements such as cocktails at the beach or a romantic dinner for two. Adding physical gifts alongside honeymoon contributions helps to accommodate guests who’d rather give you a physical gift and we often see luggage and travel accessories being added. One lucky couple just received matching fluorescent flippers for their honeymoon in Dubai!


Posh wellies

We do like wedding gifts that can last a lifetime and we’ve seen a good few people adding Hunter wellies to their gift lists recently; possibly due to the atrocious weather we’ve been having. Best to choose different colours unless you want to look like your parents!


Pet accessories

Lots of you are including pets in your big day, and we’ve seen that reflected in your gift lists, too. Guests seem more than happy to oblige with a good number of diamond dog collars coming through the doors at Prezola HQ recently!


Mini saucepans

A relatively new phenomenon is really tiny saucepans. We’re not talking milk pans, but literally so small that you couldn’t get a whole egg into it! Not entirely sure what they’re used for but they’re certainly very popular. We blame Nigella!

Winner of Wedding Gift List of The Year at the Wedding Ideas Awards 2014, Prezola is now the UK’s leading independent wedding gift list service. Couples can add any item from any retailer to their gift list alongside a honeymoon fund, cash contributions and donations to any UK retailer.

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