The real Vegas view that vows never to disappoint couples looking to wed wondrously!


The real Vegas view that vows never to disappoint couples looking to wed wondrously!
Sundance Helicopters: The Grand Canyon


For so many couples that plan to tie the knot in style it is unlikely by any stretch that you would put two and two together and come up with Vegas as your wedding destination, right? And we wouldn’t blame you. Given it’s common novelty and historic reputation that you can get married in your choice of umpteen Elvis-equipped, chapel shaped grotto’s that line the streets of downtown Vegas for around $100 it’s no wonder loved-up couples just aren’t feeling the love for this idea. However, travel a short distance into the ‘new age’ Vegas and your trip becomes a whole different experience…

The solitary strip itself is the very anchor of the Vegas valley and the vibrant heart of the marriage capital. For couples seeking more than a sandy beach for a ceremony spot no less than sublime the dynamics of uncompromised luxury that sing Vegas’ skyline will comfort you to excess whilst it’s neighbouring natural beauty will obliterate your expectations with an authentic encounter of a genuine natural wonder and bucket list must!
While this entertainment paradise famed for it’s thriving casino culture and nightlife without limit will surpass every party and night out you’ve ever had, you’d be mistaken to believe Vegas’ 2.5 mile succession of glittering neon lights is the only depth to which this view can offer…

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The real Vegas view that vows never to disappoint couples looking to wed wondrously!
Sundance Helicopters The Grand Canyon


Wed Beneath The Sky: The Grand Canyon

Should you wish to wed in peace beneath Arizona skies, there is no greater wonder experienced from the sky than the Grand Canyon itself and no better place to rekindle romance and complete engagement with human connection than right here…

The unadulterated beauty of the Canyon’s beguiling mile high formation and vast patterned presence will rival even the highest wedding day emotions and multiply them…you won’t find a better canopy than this one to declare your love in blissful ignorance of the world beyond of the Canyon.
Start from the Sky with Sundance Helicopters – whether you are loved up and eloping or planning something more family fuelled, Sundance aspire to provide a once in a lifetime experience for a once in a lifetime stepping stone, where romance and intimacy are on a parallel with your surroundings.

For those of you wondering whether you’ll need to extend your budget – no need. For just shy of £3,500 toast your arrival into the Canyon after a 45 minute flight in true Sundance style as you are welcomed by the hosting red rock of an unmistakable destination. Your private helicopter ride in full view of the mojave desert will fly you, your officiant and photographer to an untouched ceremony spot that is totally yours. Whether you choose to venture out at dawn, noon or sunset, unparalleled scenery of the South rim of the Canyon will provide all the wedding decor you’d ever need. Where traditional details are desired Sundance will create a bespoke bridal bouquet and your wedding cake to seal the ceremony as well as providing your photographer who will know the venue only too well! And if a larger wedding party is important to you – Sundance will make sure additional helicopters are available on request so nobody will have to witness you wed only from your wedding video. Either way, they (and you!) will probably cry! Take a look at the opening video at and then tell us how you feel about a Vegas wedding…


The real Vegas view that vows never to disappoint couples looking to wed wondrously!
Bellagio fountains


Wed Beside The Water: The Bellagio

Destined to romance the senses, the spectacularly choreographed Bellagio Fountains are a Vegas icon in action on a scale that mesmerises again and again. With every daytime performance as unique as the admirer who is stopped dead in their tracks to witness it’s aquatic accomplishment, decide for yourself which show is the most impressive from dawn to dusk when the fountains release their glittering light against the Las Vegas’ lavender sky. On a clear night you can see it’s explosion of light from the pinnacle of the world’s highest observation wheel, if you can prize yourself away from the rest of the 360° panorama.


Bellagio Lago
Lago at The Bellagio


If the water moves you, a newly appointed opportunity to say ‘I do’ balcony-bound will serenade you with an applause of water works synchronised to your choice of opera style, classical, Broadway or pop music. Similarly, you can fine dine it in true al fresco style in prime view of the fountains from the waterside veranda of Lago by Julian Serano, one of the many exquisite international eateries to The Bellagio.


Keep Memory Alive Centre


Wed With A Cause: Keep Memory Alive Centre


Designed by legendary architect Frank Gehry, the Keep Memory Alive Event Center Las Vegas is one of the world’s most unique and ambitious venues, unrivalled in Vegas for anything more than 100-400 guests – there is no detail too insignificant. Nestled in downtown Symphony Park just minutes from the Las Vegas Strip, this impressive blank canvas and garden oasis was built to help preserve memory and work to create new memories. This exquisite piece of modern architecture is as wondrous from the outside as it is in with styling possibilities limited only by your imagination. Distinguished by hundreds of warped, window-filled walls, it’s aesthetic will both impress and make you smile for the worthwhile cause they have made and it’s playful likening to a Dr Seuss scene.

Whilst you may expect to pay a more than competitive price of £5,800 to hire out the venue for 100 guests, what better way to start your life together than by knowing every penny of the organisation of your day will go to support research, treatment and prevention of brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.


The real Vegas view that vows never to disappoint couples looking to wed wondrously!
Keep Memory Alive Centre
The real Vegas view that vows never to disappoint couples looking to wed wondrously!
Skyfall Lounge at Delano


Finish With SkyFall: Delano

For THE best panoramic overlook of the city you’ll want to dress up for the occasion. Sensual velveteen interiors, low lighting and patio socialising on the 64th floor of the Delano not only promise the closest and clearest impression of the Strip but make the Skyfall Lounge feel every bit as sleek as it sounds. A sophisticated hangout for you and your hens where you should savour creative plates and a moreish menu of luxury cocktails that will see you well into the realms of the vibrant Vegas nightlife.