Lantern wedding decorations and light bags are quick, easy and cheap DIY wedding details that every bride can make. Check out our fab ideas on how you can make your own handmade wedding decorations!

Drink up!

Why not stir up some fun at your tables with these clever handmade personalised stirrers? They could match the colour signature cocktail and be a fun keepsake from the Champagne reception. Just grab some printable mailing labels, 50 wooden skewers, some double-sided tape, scissors and pinking sheers…

Beachside hurricanes

A natural decorative detail that anyone can create for their own DIY wedding. Pour a small amount of sand into a tall glass candleholder of any shape. Position a white pillar candle securely and add a random selection of sea shells, colourful bits of sea glass and other ocean treasures. Scatter more shells around on the tables and attach a small ribbon to finish the look. This will look great for a homemade nautical themed reception.

lantern wedding decorations

Lantern vases

These super-bold vase alternatives will make your table tops pop at your DIY wedding! You can buy there budget friendly paper lantern wedding decorations in party supply stores. Remove the tassels from the bottoms of the lanterns so that they will sit flat on the tabletop. Cut small slits in the top opening of each lantern so you can place a normal vase and secure with double-sided tape.

Light in a bag

Candlelight instantly adds romance to any setting and these simple paper bags are perfect for lighting pathways at your spring or summer celebration. For an easy, homemade artistic touch, punch shapes in the top edges with a decorative hole punch – hearts or starts are our favourites. You’ll also need a glass votive and tealight for each bag. The votive will protect the flame and stop the bag blowing away.

Hanging stars

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Transform colourful paper bags into delightful hanging star decorations. So simple in style, and so easy to make, these hanging decorations are perfect for outdoor summer receptions. They’re also perfect for destination weddings because they fold flat until you’re ready to use them! Use different colours for a bold impact or shades of the same colour for a romantic look. Always hang with colourful ribbon.

Fruity Centres

The perfect centrepiece for handmade a citrus theme wedding, these lemon and lime jars are brilliant idea for summer. Switch the fruit to match your theme – apples, peaches, the choice is yours. Just make sure your guests don’t take a sneaky snack during the Champagne reception!

Pew buckets

Autumnal adornments set the stage for your DIY ceremony and decorate the aisle in style. Orange lanterns, berries and assorted foliage make a seasonal accent for crimson peonies. All stems are secured in foam and each bucket is tied with a satin ribbon. When the ceremony is over, simply untie them and display at the reception.