Can you guess this couple’s wedding theme?


WHO: Kylee and Matthew

WHERE: Maes Manor, Blackwood

WHEN: September 2011

PHOTOS: Aga Tomaszek


The proposal

“I remember joking that Matthew was walking me to the cliffs on Gower beach because he was planning to push me off!” laughs Kylee. “In fact, he was asking me to marry him, to which I responded with 20 questions! The poor man had to wait ages for an answer. Oh, and Matthew’s excuse for not going down on one knee was that he’d just had an operation because of a footballing injury – a rubbish excuse I think!” she adds

The bride’s outfit

“You may not believe this, but I tried on a total of 97 wedding dresses altogether! The problem I had was that they were all so lovely and all looked nice, I simply couldn’t decide! After visiting lots of different bridal shops all over the country (!), I finally found ‘the one’,” remembers Kylee. “The gown I chose was called ‘Fresa’ from the 2011 range. I tried it on at their New Bond Street store and instantly fell in love. It really had the wow factor that I had been searching for from the start. It also had bits of everything I loved about all the other dresses I’d tried on – just perfect!”

The groom’s outfit

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“Matthew and his two best men wore black, slimline tails, black trousers, white long-sleeved shirts and diamond white waistcoats,” recalls Kylee. “To bring our Beatles theme into their outfits, we bought every man in the bridal party a pair of coloured Beatles socks, which looked really funky. Matthew looked gorgeous in his suit. I loved the tails – being 6”2, they really suited him.”

The bridesmaids

“The best buy of our whole wedding was definitely the bridesmaids’ dresses,” smiles Kylee. “Bought for a mere £24 (reduced dramatically in the sale), I couldn’t believe my luck!” she adds. “All four of my bridesmaids have fabulous figures, so I wanted to show them off!” Their dresses were from

The ceremony

“Matthew and I had our ceremony at our local church – St John the Baptist Church, which is located in the village where we live,” explains Kylee. “We also hired a male voice choir. My father used to sing in a choir, and my grandfather still does, so it reminded all our guests of watching them.”The reception

“Our theme for the wedding was based on the iconic group, The Beatles. We decorated the room with all our priceless canvases and prints, but by far the best decoration we had was the life-sized cardboard cut-outs of the four Beatles that my Mum and her partner made. We knew nothing about them until we walked into the venue,” says Kylee

The honeymoon

“We went to the Dominican Republic,” says Kylee. “It really was like paradise!”