Think you know which wedding dress necklines will suit you best? We asked the gown experts at Mark Lesley to reveal some of today’s most popular styles. Choose your favourite now from this fabulous selection. Which one works with your body shape?



This sexy plunging v-shape exposes the neck and décolletage. The rather revealing shape makes it ideal for a laid-back civil ceremony, or a wedding abroad, but perhaps not for a very traditional church service. V-necks are great for apple shapes as they create the illusion of height, but beware. A v-neck can also make a small bust look even smaller. V-necks work well on hourglass figures, too.



This pretty scalloped neckline forms a natural heart shape across the bust, exposing the central part of the neck. Great for creating that classic bridal silhouette, sweetheart necklines are ideal for medium to well-endowed busts, showing just the right amount of cleavage. This is by far the most popular neckline for brides right now, mainly because of its romantic connotations and the Cinderella-style silhouette it creates.



This is a super-elegant choice for a traditional wedding because of the extra coverage it gives. Today’s brides are adopting the high bateau neckline but as a sheer or lace overlay, so just a hint of skin can be seen through the fabric. The wide top follows the natural curve of your collarbone and works to enhance the chest aera. So, therefore, avoid this style if you are very well endowed.



The most popular neckline for wedding dresses right now, strapless styles are romantic and elegant – but they don’t suit everyone. Strapless dresses are great for accentuating the collarbone area, ideal ify ou have a gorgeous necklace you want to show off. A strapless dress sits across the bust and under the arms, fastening securely at the back. Avoid this look if you have particularly heavy upper arms or a very large bust Equally if you are quite flat chested, a strapless gown won’t do anything to add the illusion of curves.



If you’re tall with broad shoulders a halterneck will work for you. Again, this is a more contemporary choice for a wedding gown and is mainly seen on dresses for weddings abroad. Showing off the shoulders and upper arms like this though, can help to elongate a petite bride. It can also help you to avoid that unsightly fold of skin some ill-fitting strapless gowns can create.


One shoulder

Usually seen as a contemporary choice, the one-shoulder neckline works with one single strap coming across the front either from the left or right shoulder. This style accentuates your collarbone and works well with pear shapes or larger busts. Brides with broad shoulders or full arms should really avoid this style because it will only serve to accentuate them further.

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