Talk about a whirlwind romance! Model Kelly Brook has confirmed that she’s set to marry her toy boy David McIntosh – even though they only got together 12 weeks ago!


Kelly, 34, posted a photo to her Instagram account of her and David, who is 7 years her junior, holding a balloon reading ‘engaged’ – which was a pretty big giveaway! The caption read: ‘Lovely weekend in Wigan meeting my new extended Family…Such happy times and excited to share my life with the most wonderful man I’ve ever met.’

The couple started dating in January of this year and split for two weeks in February, meaning they’ve only been going out for 12 weeks! Not to mention that David, a fitness model, only split from his ex, former Miss England Rachel Christie, a mere WEEK before pairing up with Kelly. David and Rachel have a two-year-old son named Logan together, meaning that Kelly will become Logan’s stepmother after she marries her former Gladiator fiancé. Taking on a stepson should be no problem for Kelly, who admitted in an interview last year that she was desperate to have children. Speaking to The Mail on Sunday’s Event magazine, she said:

(My biggest disappointment is) being 33 and not having a family. I look at my friends and they’re all so settled with children. I’d like 2.4 kids, very traditional.

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This will be Kelly’s second engagement – she was set to wed Titanic star Billy Zane after the pair got together in 2004, but they split (twice) in 2008, finally calling off the wedding in August. At the time, Kelly said that she was ‘too young at 28 to get married’ – she must have changed her mind, as her new fiancé is only 27!


We’re wishing them the best of luck – we’re desperate to see the gorgeous Kelly in a wedding dress! Do you think she’ll use her new perfume as her big day scent? ‘Audition’ by Kelly Brook 50ml, 100ml and Gift Sets are available from £14.95 from leading fragrance retailers right now.

What do you think of this whirlwind romance? Do you think that 12 weeks is too soon to get engaged, or that each couple is different? Let us know on The Wedding Ideas Forum!