Planning for your big day can be both stressful and time consuming, so why not let Wedding Ideas ease some of the stress? Keep your wedding in budget with these handy hints…

Don’t overdo details

Don’t overdo the wedding reception details; keep the tables simple and elegant. Choosing a plain and fresh reception will look great and save you cash on those unnecessary little extras that you won’t really need or use.

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Check the leftovers

If you’ve paid the wedding venue for cases of wine to go with the wedding breakfast, check how many are actually used. If you have any leftovers at the end of the meal, they can be put behind the bar in the evening, saving your budget and your guests £££s.

Buy in bulk

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Instead of buying flowers for both your ceremony and reception, buy one bulk load of wedding flowers and use them for both! After the ceremony, ask a member of staff or a bridesmaid to help move them across to the reception while you’re having your photos taken.

Use your cake as dessert

Use your wedding cake as dessert to avoid paying for an additional course. Ask for some jugs of cream to be brought out after the final course then dish up the cake! Don’t write off supermarket cakes either – they can be great value. Try Marks and Spencer and Waitrose for designer-looking budget versions that can be dressed with ribbons and fresh flowers.

Complimentary suite

Some wedding venues will give the bride and groom a complimentary room on the wedding night – a money saver in any budget. Negotiate before you book, though – if you don’t ask, you won’t get! If you’re in the early stages of planning, remember that venues will often do deals on weekday weddings or superstitious dates.

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Don’t forget the high street

Don’t ignore the high street for your smaller details and use the time of year wisely. For example, you can pick up great bargains on candles and sparkly accessories straight after Christmas.

DIY your details

Making your own details like favours and stationery can save you a bundle – if you’ve got enough time. Plan well ahead, practice a few times beforehand and get the girls around to give you a hand!  0019

Not everyone’s the same

If a supplier’s contract stipulates that you’ve got to feed them, there’s no need to give them the same as the guests. A reasonable bar meal or a plate of sandwiches will be sufficient and much cheaper for your budget.

Keep the kids happy

Kids’ activity bags are great but can be expensive to put together – use websites to print free ‘clip art’ instead of buying colouring books and we bet they won’t know the difference!  Natalie & Mat's wedding HelenLiskPhotography PRINT FILES -378

Get someone else to plan it!

Use a wedding planner. A good one will know how you can really save money, especially when it comes to negotiating with suppliers. Their knowledge and contacts alone could save you a bundle in your budget, and help make planning your wedding a breeze!

If you’re planning your own wedding, our Wedding Budget and Finance section has got everything you need to make sure you don’t go over your big day budget.